DC Shelterbox Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

ShelterBox LogoA Shelterbox Scavenger Hunt will be held at DC on the 20th of June. This scavenger hunt will be hosted by the DC Shelterbox group and aims to promote awareness about what Shelterbox does. This event will take start in the foyer, with teams having to hunt around the school for items and facts related to Shelterbox and disaster mitigation.

Shelterbox provides emergency shelter and other vital supplies to people and communities that are affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crisis. Shelterbox also delivers the essentials that people and communities need to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of a disaster.

The Shelterbox Scavenger hunt will involved teams of secondary students representing their house, having fun hunting around the school while learning a little about Shelterbox and the issues  they address.  Click here for more details about the Shelterbox Scavenger hunt, including how to enter.