40-hour famine

Posted by Peter MUIR

40hr famineFor the third year in a row, DC students gathered to take part in 40 hour fast to raise awareness about world hunger. Organized by students, the 40 Hour Famine aims to not only raise awareness about world hunger but also raise money for World Vision, a charity dedicating to breaking the poverty cycle and reducing hunger.
Students that have taken part in the fast, all agreed that it was an eye opening experience. “Before I did the famine, I overlooked hunger’s other side effects like dizziness, and inability to concentrate. These things must have a big effect on how a child learns which is a big factor in breaking out of the poverty cycle” said Tra My Hickin, one of the event organizers.
Those who took part this year managed to raise over $20,000 for World Vision, who will use the funds in their efforts combating hunger and famine.
A special thanks goes to teachers Flora Mather, Danny Freer, and Lissie and Brandon Nichols for supervising the sleepover that was a part of the DC famine.