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Team Fear

Posted by Peter MUIR

A message from the organisers of Team Fear…
The Team FEAR Junior Challenge is a race held in Discovery Bay designed for youngsters from 8 to 18.  This is the 12th time we have run this race, it is the biggest race of its kind in Asia. It captures the spirit of adventure racing with elements across diverse challenges such as Trail running, Mountain Biking, Kayaking and Rock Scrambling. The race raises money for Youth Outreach, a local children’s charity. Contestants come from all over Hong Kong and the popularity of the event is such that each year we are heavily over subscribed. Last year we had over 550 contestants.
The safety and success of the race relies on all the volunteer and helpers and we would like you to sign up to support us!   The race this year is Sunday Nov 16th, with required duties on the day of the race being marshaling and helping to clear up the course afterwards.   We also need help the Saturday before the race (Nov 8th).  Duties on this day would include:
  • Clearing away bushes and undergrowth and clearing up the course,
  • Pumping up, checking and repairing inflatable kayaks,
  • Constructing a beach assault course,
  • Various course marking,
  • Helping register and load bikes on trucks.

As the race takes place in the hills around D.B. there may be a bit of hiking and hard work involved (although nothing too onerous).

More information is available on the website www.team-fear.com or contact Ben Loran from the Team FEAR Organising Committee on 6687 1861.

Tree planting in DB

Posted by Peter MUIR

It is spring time – time to green DB!

Tree plantingDB Green and others are looking for some volunteers for tree planting in upcoming weekends in May – only those who are prepared to get their hands dirty with manual labour should attend!

This Sunday May 11, 10am.

What to bring – Good footwear (old sturdy sneakers/hiking boots), long pants (not absolutely necessary but they help to protect the legs), a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent. Also bring a water bottle and snacks.  A selection of indigenous tree seedlings, gloves, tools for digging, planting and watering will be provided on site.

How to get there – Proceed up the Discovery Valley Road in the direction of the golf course, continue until reaching a narrow concrete road on the right that leads to the lookout.  Walk down the concrete road for about 200m and then turn left off the road, down to the stream and up the hill towards the clump of dark green horsetail trees, Casuarina equisetifolia, (upper centre in the picture below) on the ridge line. We will be planting trees to the right of these horsetail trees.

For more details about this week (Sunday May 11) – click here!

For more details, please email organiser John Horwood jhorwood@netvigator.com or 9457 5548.  We are looking for good solid workers – girls and boys but it is hard manual labour so students who are dainty can stay at home.