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ShelterBox project

Posted by Peter MUIR

There are no natural disasters, only natural hazards – a disaster happens when such hazards affect a community that is ill-prepared to cope with its impacts.  This is a key message from  the organization ShelterBox.  Shelterbox prepares to support communities in response to natural hazards by preparing their ‘big green boxes of humanitarian aid’ ready for rapid delivery to an affected area.  ShelterBox responds instantly to earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, cyclones and conflicts by delivering their boxes to provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to families around the world who have been made homeless by these occurrences.

DC would like to set up a ShelterBox project group, and is inviting year 10 students to join.  Their aim will be to organise a ShelterBox awareness event before the end of this academic year. Email Mr Muir if you are interested.

WYNG Masters Award Finalists’ Exhibition – GASP!

Posted by Peter MUIR

The WYNG Masters Award’s mission is to nurture the growth of photography as an art form in Hong Kong, as well as to stimulate dialogue and foster community awareness on socially-relevant issues of critical importance to Hong Kong and its residents.

Each year, a focused theme is chosen for the award. The 2014 theme is air—as Hong Kong wrestles with the health, economic, and social effects of its deteriorating air quality.  How could you create awareness of a certain issue that you are keen to act upon?

Volunteers needed

Posted by Peter MUIR

CKMSC logoEach Monday 11 refugee and asylum seeker women attend pre-intermediate and beginner English classes at the Chungking Mansions Service Centre. Here are some words from Marie, who joins these lessons:

“I have never thought about moving to another country and speaking a different language.  Forced by circumstance, I had to flee from my country with my family and came to Hong Kong.  I used to have a 2 hour session a week for English in my home country, and that’s all I need to deal with English.  It was never important to me.  French and my own language were all the languages I need to know.

When I arrived at Hong Kong, French and my own language were not enough for me to survive anymore.  In Hong Kong, I have to use English or Chinese for communication.  I have no idea about Chinese, so English becomes crucial for me.  I started to learn English in Christian Action, knowing it is an international language which I can use everywhere for business, school and daily life.  It also applies to my home country- another language I can use besides of French and my own language.

I like Monday English Class very much.  It is good in all aspects, especially our teacher.  She is professional and knows how to teach.  She taught me British English, as well as American English. She told me where to use British English and where to use American English.  It is interesting to me and good to know…”

We currently have a similar program me running at Discovery College, with students planning and then delivering Cantonese, English and Design lessons to refugee and asylum seekers. With many of our student-teachers now graduating, we are in need for more students to continue these lessons. We need YOU to help give these refugee and asylum seekers the power to communicate. To give them the opportunity to learn and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

We will also be looking for sponsorship to help us cover the cost of this weekly program. Each session costs more than HK$500 for the participant’s transportation to/from our school, which is the most significant cost as these people are prohibited from working while awaiting the outcome of their protection or resettlement claim.

 Please help!  Email Mr Muir asap if you are keen to hear more about how you can get involved.

HK Shark Foundation Petition

Posted by Peter MUIR

Here is a message form the Hong Kong Shark Foundation about their petition to ban the sale and possession of shark fin…

We would like to invite you to sign the petition “Legislate a ban on the sale and possession of shark fin in Hong Kong” which will be used to lobby the Hong Kong government to ban the unsustainable trade from Hong Kong.

SharkWhy it is important
Over the past two years, 60% of Hong Kong’s top hotels have either banned shark fin soup or taken it off their menus, providing it on request only. Companies have committed to end serving shark at their functions, and several leading airlines have said they will no longer transport shark fin. Even the Government of Hong Kong has pledged to ban shark fin from official functions – if the Government recognizes that shark fin has no place at its functions, banning the unsustainable trade from Hong Kong is the next logical step.

Ocean Art Walk invite

Posted by Peter MUIR


Dates: 12 April – 4 May
Venue: Stanley Promenade and Stanley Plaza
Free exhibition: Daily
Free dance performances: 12 April (2:30pm), plus 13, 19 and 20 April (12pm, 2pm and 4pm)
Free guided tours: 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 April, 3, 4 May (11am, 1pm), pre-registration required at
Enquiries: 2877 2779

DC Labour Rights group launch website

Posted by Peter MUIR

The DC Labour Rights group has launched their new website.

DC labour rights logoThe group is committed to making a change in labour rights globally. They are currently researching and raising awareness on Vtech in order to change working conditions within their sweatshops. For the past 2 years, they have been working on a campaign to improve VTech’s factory conditions. There have been reports of VTech’s ‘factories’ in fact being sweatshops. Consequently, they decided to research further upon this issue. Having done this, it seemed that the workers of VTech were under truly horrible conditions. The group is now raising awareness to promote understanding of this issue and also labour rights in general.

You can contact us directly through email: