Zoe Gillies – CAS insipiration

Posted by Peter MUIR

With an initial vision and goal of providing teen girls in her community with prom dresses who could not afford them, Eighteen-year-old Zoe Gillies of Maine, USA, expanded her vision in order to make a bigger impact on her community and a lasting impression on her peers.  To do this, she started up the club Cape Closet. Through Cape Closet, 125 girls received prom dresses through various donation drives at schools. Through a partnership with The Maine College of Art, college students donate their time to redesign donated dresses in order to appeal more to current trends and styles. In addition to providing prom dresses to those who are unable to afford the expense, Cape Closet also conducts workshops for middle school girls on topics ranging from media literacy to positive body image. By collaborating with the local middle schools, high school volunteers are able to providing mentorship and serve as positive role models for younger students. Zoe is creating a guide so that other middle and high school students can use her Cape Closet model in their schools.

A great example of a CAS project that aims at equipping middle and high school girls with tools to bolster positive body image and self-esteem!