Hit the road and make a difference!

Posted by Peter MUIR

Here is a message from DB based organisation Life Cycle, whose aim is to help everyday people break the chains of poverty and slavery about an upcoming event.  You need to be over 16 to join, and will need to get your parents to sign a waiver.   AN easy step to getting involved in a good cause!

Let’s hit the road and make a difference!
You may know that over the past few months a team of us have been setting up a charitable initiative called Life Cycle.  Life Cycle’s mission is “to help everyday people break the chains of poverty and slavery”.  Life Cycle also has a loose association with cycling and we are ready to hit the road and get things started…
Would you consider joining us for the CYCLE FOR LIFE in the new territories on Saturday the 1st of March?
CYCLE FOR LIFE is a one day 40k scenic cycle ride that will take you through previously restricted areas of Hong Kong’s beautiful rural landscape. As you pass through the open countryside, quaint cultural villages, down back alleys, alongside the boarder of China, you’ll also feel the satisfaction of riding for a special purpose.
Yes, have a heap of fun AND make a difference…
Life Cycle supports four very smart initiatives in Cambodia, three are strongly ‘preventative’ and one is strongly ‘restorative’ (ie restores life to people who have faced the evil face of slavery and other abuses). By simply joining in the fun, you’ll also be supporting people from these four inspiring initiatives. These initiatives are dramatically changing lives for people and effectively turn the ‘poverty cycle’ upside down into a ‘life cycle’.If you’d like to make a difference and create life long memories, here are the details;

When; 10;00am, Saturday the 1st of March,
Where; Meet at the Bobby London Inn, Tai Po (cnr Kwong Fuk Rd and Tung Cheung St). The ride will take you round the scenic areas of the New Territories and bring you back at around 4pm.
ENTRY BY DONATION – 100% of money raised will be forwarded on. (see below for info on the NGOs)

BRING; Bike (if you can), helmet, drink, lunch, or, some money for lunch at a local eatery,

Difficulty getting a bike there?  No problem, bikes can be hired at the meeting area for $90 (if it’s difficult to get yours there.)
Could you please RSVP A.S.A.P (email lifecyclehongkong@gmail.com) as we are limiting the experience to the first 40 people.

Here’s who you’ll be helping…

1. Who Will Village – An alternative to orphanages, a school and village set up on 2ha dedicated to the care of disadvantaged and orphaned children and poor Cambodian communities. www.whowill.org

2. The Cambodia Charitable Trust – Breaking the poverty cycle and transforming lives by working with local schools and communities to identify what their priorities are. www.cambodiatrust.org.nz

3. Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant School – Lowering the risk of trafficking for young disadvantaged Cambodians by providing free training for in hospitality industry.www.salabai.com

4. Hagar International – Restoring wholeness to the lives of women and children that have been torn apart by human rights abuse.www.hagarinternational.org