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S2S: A 12-hour benefit

Posted by Peter MUIR

Year 12 DC student Boris Choy reports on the upcoming DC event S2S

S2Srelay logoConsider this coming Saturday 1st March: another lazy Saturday for those without school? Perhaps 12 hours of idleness, 12 hours of inactivity.  Enough time to sit mindlessly through a season or two of your favourite television series. Or perhaps long enough to change your lifestyle. Perhaps long enough to do something worthwhile for yourself and for others.

Saturday 1st March offers you an opportunity to get active – both physically and for the benefit of the community.  From Sunrise to Sunset, you could be, along with 6 to 24 of your closest friends and family, relishing the challenge of competing for only your personal goals.

An un-timed and friendly event open to all, Sunrise to Sunset (S2S) allows for participants to run when they wish and at whatever pace they wish. It proposes that runners in a team take it in turns to run as many laps as they can of a 1.35 km course before passing on the role to the next runner, and so on.

Not only can you reap the satisfaction of giving your body a good workout, but sponsorship money generated from each team goes towards supporting the Chung King Mansions Refugee Service Centre.  These proceeds go towards providing asylum seekers with basic needs, food, and employment.

With Flow Yoga sessions and Discovery Bay’s premier DJs, “Psyke” to energise you in between laps, and not least a barbecue to draw the event to a close, Sunset to Sunrise is definitely worth giving up a lazy Saturday.

The organising committee – a small group of senior students at Discovery College – look forward to you getting involved.  Team registration is HKD 300 per team going towards administration costs covering vests, water, race pack, and food. For more information and to register, go to http://www.discovery.edu.hk/s2s/index.php