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The Be ONE Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

16-year-old Matthew Kaplan created The Be ONE (Open to New Experiences) Project to address middle school bullying. The Be ONE Project is an interactive, program that engages middle school students in team activities designed to build community and foster empathy and mutual respect.

Matthew created The Be ONE Project after his brother was bullied. When their school grew dramatically, nearly doubling in size in just one year, the entire school culture changed, and the instances of bullying increased exponentially. When Matthew’s brother became the victim of cyberbullying, Matthew knew he had to do something. Matthew pitched his idea for The Be ONE Project to the school’s administration and spent the summer creating his program. In the fall of 2011, as a freshman, Matthew held his first Be ONE Project for 100 incoming 5th graders. That program was so successful that the 7th grade team of teachers approached him about conducting another Be ONE Project for the 7th graders. That too was so effective in raising morale and reducing bullying that The Be ONE Project is now part of the mandatory curriculum at Arizona School for the Arts, and Matthew leads Be ONE Project days annually. Matthew is now expanding The Be ONE Project to other schools.

GIN852 Film Festival

Posted by Peter MUIR

Hong Kong’s very own Global Issues Network Conference is holding a film festival, and you are invited to join it!

GIN852 logo2

The GIN 852 Film Festival is an opportunity for students to showcase films and video resources related to the GIN852 conference objectives. The conference aims to provide a basis for solving local Hong Kong issues, and to encourage long-term course of actions to combat urgent problems in Hong Kong. The theme for this year’s conference is “Sustainable Planning, Immediate Action”.

Powerful images can often tell a story in which words could not express. Films, advertisements, public service announcements and documentaries send powerful messages. Each school that participates in the conference is invited to submit a clear and concise short film. The film may be used as a representation of a project at our school, or a public service announcement about a critical issue.

The film is to be 1-3 minutes long. Possible ideas include:
• Documentary – A short documentary featuring real life events about an activity that your school has done to raise awareness or work towards solving a global problem.
• Short narrative film – A short film telling a story that is based around a global issue. Creative elements can be incorporated in the production.
• Public service announcement/Awareness video – A PSA highlighting a global issue and sends a strong message encouraging action.

For more details, refer to this document GIN 852 Film Festival Requirements

Films are due by February 10 – they need to be submitted to Mr Muir , where we will then choose the best film from DC.