HK Shark Foundation Petition

Posted by Peter MUIR

SharkThe Hong Kong Shark Foundation is asking for your support!  Following their successful petition last year, where 10,000 signatures convinced the government to remove shark-fin from menus for official functions, the organisation is holding a petition to get shark products off the menu.  Here is their message…

We would like to invite you to sign the Hong Kong petition “Remove shark-related products, including fins, from the menus of all Traditional Chinese Restaurants/Food Outlets, unless the products are proven to be from a sustainable source” which will be used to lobby owners of Key Hong Kong restaurants to stop serving sharking fin.

The previous petition you signed (to lobby the HK government to ban shark fin from official functions) reached the target of 10,000 signatures and in 2013 the government did just this and banned shark fin from official functions.

Signing is easy click the link below and it will take you to the signature page

The conservation of shark populations remains an urgent use, but significant progress is being made, please help us keep the momentum going.