Trafficking in Asia: Slavery in our Day and Age

Posted by Peter MUIR

Today at DC Year 9 and 10 students were presented a talk titled “Trafficking in Asia: Slavery in our Day and Age” by Matthew Friedman. In this talk, Mr Friedman described a range of different human trafficking cases often found within Southeast Asia, including sex trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude examples. He outlined the various ways used to address the problem and provides a critique of their relevance in the present-day fight.

Matthew Friedman is an international human trafficking expert with more than 25 years of experience as an activist, programme designer, evaluator and manager. He currently supports the counter-trafficking initiatives of three organisations: Freeland Foundation based in Thailand, Liberty Asia, based in Hong Kong, and the Mekong Club, an organisation of Hong Kong-based private sector businesspeople who have joined forces to fight human trafficking in Asia.

He also highlighted how human slavery exists here in Hong Kong. More can be see about this issue in these clips that were a Pearl TV news feature.