CAS Inspiration – Natasha Suri

Posted by Peter MUIR

In 2012 16-year-old Natasha Suri gained first hand knowledge about the high volume of food that gets discarded daily by small restaurants and bakeries.   Natasha became motivated to find a way to redistribute this food to those in need, and along with her friend Siena they began to address this community need by collecting food donations from various vendors and delivering them to local shelters. As her program grew to accommodate more food donors and recipient organizations, she launched FoodSync, a crowd-mapping website that allows one to track and record food donations in real time. This youth-run food recovery organization strives to focus on programs that are often neglected, such as a homeless shelter that serves male adults that does not receive a lot of publicity or donations. Currently, FoodSync volunteers average food collections of 500+ kilos per month for redistribution to shelters and community programs and they seek to triple this goal over the coming year.