UNICEF Young Envoys Programme

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The UNICEF Young Envoys programme was established in 1996 and aims to support the goals of UNICEF in assisting children in developing countries.  By joining the UNICEF Young Envoys Programme, you will equip yourself with leadership, communication skills and knowledge to be a child rights advocate. You will also have opportunities to organise events at schools, or even on the street for children in need.

UniceflogoThe Programme enables local youth to understand more about the state of the children in developing countries.  It provides a valuable opportunity for those selected to explore and experience a starkly contrasting life style in developing countries.  Outstanding Young Envoys will be selected to visit a developing country.

If you are an outgoing full-time student age 12 to 18 years old, then apply to join the Programme today!  To be appointed as a Young Envoy, you must accomplish the three training tasks successfully. Once you become a Young Envoy, you may have the chance to go for a field visit to learn UNICEF’s work, and bear the responsibility of advocating for children’s rights.