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Eco-Leaders needed!

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Ecoschools logoDC wishes to implement the Eco-Schools programme, and we are looking for “green” Year 12 students to lead this group. Eco-Schools is an international programme that aims to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs and engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning.  We wish to create a committee with representatives from various year levels, as well as other members of the school community, who will implement a seven-step change to make our school more environmentally friendly. Getting involved in this committee will provide a great opportunity for a small number of students to develop leadership skills while driving a meaningful eco-project. If you are in Year 12 and think you have what it takes to lead this committee, email DC science teacher Mr Burrage on philip.burrage@dc.edu.hk.
If you are not in year 12 but are keen to join – we will soon be asking you to sign up to get involved!

UNICEF Young Envoys Programme

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The UNICEF Young Envoys programme was established in 1996 and aims to support the goals of UNICEF in assisting children in developing countries.  By joining the UNICEF Young Envoys Programme, you will equip yourself with leadership, communication skills and knowledge to be a child rights advocate. You will also have opportunities to organise events at schools, or even on the street for children in need.

UniceflogoThe Programme enables local youth to understand more about the state of the children in developing countries.  It provides a valuable opportunity for those selected to explore and experience a starkly contrasting life style in developing countries.  Outstanding Young Envoys will be selected to visit a developing country.

If you are an outgoing full-time student age 12 to 18 years old, then apply to join the Programme today!  To be appointed as a Young Envoy, you must accomplish the three training tasks successfully. Once you become a Young Envoy, you may have the chance to go for a field visit to learn UNICEF’s work, and bear the responsibility of advocating for children’s rights.

Nature Works leadership programme

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Nature ConservancyThe ESF Secondary Schools, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and The Edge Learning Center and Seeds Training, is delighted to offer students with an interest in conservation issues an opportunity to take part in the Nature Works Hong Kong program.   The goal of the program is to equip motivated students with the skills, mindset and opportunity necessary for them to turn their passion for the environment into tangible action.

The program begins with a two-day camp in Hong Kong on the 15th and 16th of October.  This camp introduces students to the three conservation themes of the program – Air, Water and Food – and engages students in a range of activities designed to develop their skills in leadership, communication, collaboration, goal-setting, and more.   Student teams then have one month to develop an action plan around conservation in their own schools. They’ll have access to experts across a range of professions and fields to help them craft their plan and build a presentation of these plans for TNC’s Asia Pacific Council, a group of business and conservation leaders from across the region.   With seed funding from the Council, student teams then have 4 months to turn their plans into reality, culminating in a final presentation of their work to the ESF community in March 2014.

The application process is open to all students from Year 10-13 at ESF Secondary Schools.   Students who are interested in exploring careers in environmental conservation, or those who are just passionate about the environment, are encouraged to apply.  Applications are due Wednesday, 25 September with successful applicants being notified Friday, 27 September.

For more information, please download and read Nature Works Hong Kong

If you are eligible and interested to apply, here is the application form Nature Works Hong Kong Application Form

International Day of Peace

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international day of peaceAs International Day of Peace, held annually on September 21st, nears check out the Global Peace Index 2013.  Produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, this index shows that since 2008, 110 countries have become less peaceful, while 48 have improved their peace score. There was more violence within nations than between them, and $9.46 trillion was spent in 2012 containing violence worldwide, equal to 11% of the Gross World Product.  The website includes an interactive peace map that allows you to explore the state of peace around the world, compare levels of peace between countries and view the world according to each of the 22 indicators that make up the Global Peace Index. Under the News tab there are links to news, videos and research.

Addressing Air Pollution through Art

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Our OwnedPictured here is the winner of this year’s “The Open Photo Contest” hosted by WYNG Masters Award.   This year’s contest had the theme of Air, with entrants required to portray Hong Kong’s air pollution situation in their creations.   In doing so, the event can increase public awareness about the issue of air pollution, and will then hopefully do something about it, such as urge the Government to improve Hong Kong’s air quality.

How could you hold a similar event to increase awareness about an issue of public concern?  In what way could  you adapt this competition and incorporate it into your CAS / C&S Programme?

Sports Volunteering courses

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ESF CoachAre you interested in sports?  Are you keen to expand your knowledge about sports coaching?  There is an opportunity for senior students to take part in Sports Leadership and Sports Volunteering courses with ESF Educational Services.    These courses are accredited with Sports Leaders UK, and full details on them can be found at http://www.sportsleaders.org/  The course will initially only be open to Year 11-13 students, and we will need a number of students to enroll for the course to be held (so get your friends to join!).  Dates are to be confirmed.   If you are interested, please email peter.muir@dc.edu.hk.