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CAS Ideas & Inspiration

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The US’s ‘Youth Service America‘ organisation supports 51 youth ambassadors from every state in the U.S. in their National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassador programme.  Here is a little snippet of what some of their Ambassadors are doing… (could you do something similar as a part of your C&S / CAS?)

Demitrius H. from Bloomfield Hills, MI is designing a program for middle school students in Detroit that will allow them to participate in policy debate.  The program will partner with the Detroit Urban Debate League. High school and college debaters will mentor youth in the middle schools, coaching them, and helping them express their ideas on current topics.  Demitrius will create tournaments for students to debate on current issues.

Matthew K. from Phoenix, AZ is developing a movement at his school to address bullying. His “Be O.N.E.” program empowers students to create a safe and supportive school environment.  Be O.N.E. supplements the traditional three R’s of education (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) with what Matthew calls the three Ps: Positive Peer Pressure. To date, more than 600 students and 100 volunteers have participated in Be O.N.E.   Matthew is currently working to expand the program to other Phoenix schools and plans to ultimately serve students all across Arizona and bring Be O.N.E. to every middle school classroom.

Click here for more details on the projects of all Ambassadors.

How many slaves work for you?

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It is reported that there are over 27 million slaves worldwide – roughly the combined population of Australia and New Zealand. These people may be women working long hours in garment factories to make our clothes; factory workers with minimal pay, producing phones and computers; or children in debt bondage picking cocoa and coffee beans for our chocolate and coffee.

Today, August 23, is International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.  This day  commemorates the beginning of an event (the uprising in Santo Domingo) that played a significant role in leading to the abolition of the slave trade across the Atlantic.   On this day we should also realise that slavery still exists today, with people living in poverty the most likely to have their rights ignored and be coerced into slavery.

How many slaves work for you?

Check out this website to uncover how many slaves work for you by assessing your consumptions habits.