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Ark Eden CAS Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

Ark Eden will be hosting a hands-on CAS opportunity at their venue in Mui Wo during September-October.  In this activity students will work on a range of developments to create a Permaculture Education Demonstration Site at Ark Eden. Permaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that are modeled on the relationships found in natural ecologies.

Students will work alongside experts from several different fields including permaculturalists, ecologists, eco-designers and horticulturalists. They will become versed in sustainable principles and learn many hands-on skills that cannot be learned from books.

Students would need to commit to a number of Saturday’s in order for this to be considered a CAS Project (for years 12-13).  Students, including MYP students, may also join on a daily basis (though registration is still required).   Costs, dates and registration details can be found on this registration form – Ark Eden CAS Activity 2013

Team Fear

Posted by Peter MUIR

The Team FEAR Junior Challenge in Discovery Bay, is a race is designed for youngsters from 8 to 18. Held on Sunday Nov 24th, this is the 12th time the vent has been held.  It captures the spirit of adventure racing with elements across diverse challenges such as Trail running, Mountain Biking, Kayaking and Rock Scrambling. The race raises money for Youth Outreach, a local children’s charity.

Contestants come from all over Hong Kong and the popularity of the event is such that each year it heavily over subscribed. Last year we had over 550 contestants; it is the biggest race of its kind in Asia.  More information is available on the website

The safety and success of the race relies on all the volunteer and helpers, so here is your chance to get involved!

The main duties on the day of the race are marshaling and helping to clear up the course afterwards.  Help is also needed the Saturday before the race (Nov 23rd) to clear bushes and undergrowth on the course,  pumping up, checking and repairing inflatable kayaks, constructing a beach assault course, various course marking, and helping register and load bikes on trucks.  As the race takes place in the hills around D.B. there may be a bit of hiking and hard work involved (although nothing too onerous).

If you are interest in getting involved, contact Race Organising Committee member Ben Loran on 6687 1861.

CAS Ideas & Inspiration

Posted by admin

The US’s ‘Youth Service America‘ organisation supports 51 youth ambassadors from every state in the U.S. in their National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassador programme.  Here is a little snippet of what some of their Ambassadors are doing… (could you do something similar as a part of your C&S / CAS?)

Demitrius H. from Bloomfield Hills, MI is designing a program for middle school students in Detroit that will allow them to participate in policy debate.  The program will partner with the Detroit Urban Debate League. High school and college debaters will mentor youth in the middle schools, coaching them, and helping them express their ideas on current topics.  Demitrius will create tournaments for students to debate on current issues.

Matthew K. from Phoenix, AZ is developing a movement at his school to address bullying. His “Be O.N.E.” program empowers students to create a safe and supportive school environment.  Be O.N.E. supplements the traditional three R’s of education (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) with what Matthew calls the three Ps: Positive Peer Pressure. To date, more than 600 students and 100 volunteers have participated in Be O.N.E.   Matthew is currently working to expand the program to other Phoenix schools and plans to ultimately serve students all across Arizona and bring Be O.N.E. to every middle school classroom.

Click here for more details on the projects of all Ambassadors.

How many slaves work for you?

Posted by Peter MUIR

It is reported that there are over 27 million slaves worldwide – roughly the combined population of Australia and New Zealand. These people may be women working long hours in garment factories to make our clothes; factory workers with minimal pay, producing phones and computers; or children in debt bondage picking cocoa and coffee beans for our chocolate and coffee.

Today, August 23, is International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.  This day  commemorates the beginning of an event (the uprising in Santo Domingo) that played a significant role in leading to the abolition of the slave trade across the Atlantic.   On this day we should also realise that slavery still exists today, with people living in poverty the most likely to have their rights ignored and be coerced into slavery.

How many slaves work for you?

Check out this website to uncover how many slaves work for you by assessing your consumptions habits.

Student-run CCAs

Posted by Peter MUIR

Last year there were over 40 Student-run CCAs in DC, covering a large number of activities such as sports, cooking, art, dance, computers and fitness. These CCAs provided a very valuable range of options for other students, and not only helped meet C&S and CAS requirements, but gave a great sense of achievement to those of you who ran them.

The Student Council is calling for applications for Term 1 Student-run CCAs. We are especially looking for CCAs offered to primary students, however, this is not essential. Please download the attached Application Form, fill it out and email it back to by next Tuesday 27 August at the latest. It is important that you complete the form correctly, identify a teacher mentor, and return the form by the due date.

Information and guidelines on Student-run CCAs is included with this Application Form  Student Run CCAs

Who Will You Make Peace With?

Posted by Peter MUIR

Peace Day, Saturday 21 September 2013 is set to be the biggest yet, with millions of people around the world joining together to celebrate peace.  Peace Day is not only about a reduction of violence in areas of conflict, it is also about reducing violence in our homes, communities and schools.

So on Peace Day 21 September…

What can you say to make peace with someone?

What can you do to make peace with someone?

…who will you make peace with?


World Literacy Day

Posted by Peter MUIR

Imagine a day without reading something – and not just in books or magazines.  Signs, shopping, looking at ingredients – literacy skills are required daily, but we often overlook how important these skills are.   There is an estimated 860 million adults around the world who are illiterate.  Of this number almost two-thirds are women.  International Literacy Day focuses attention on literacy issues and the need to raise public awareness and support for this cause.    Take a look here for some details about the issue of literacy, as well as some resources that you could use if you chose to take action about this issue as a part of your C&S or CAS efforts.

World Humanitarian Day

Posted by Peter MUIR

worldhumanitatriandayAugust 19 is World Humanitarian Day.  This event aims to increase public awareness about humanitarian assistance activities worldwide and the importance of international cooperation. It also honors all humanitarians who have worked in the promotion of humanitarian causes, and those who have lost their lives in the cause of this duty.   The official event Facebook page contains more details about the day, and includes some ideas on how you could get involved.   Check it out!

International Youth Day

Posted by Peter MUIR

Last week saw the celebration of International Youth Day, a day designated by the United Nations to focus on the issues they care about most.  Take a look here at some of the activities by youth taking action around the world at the Global Youth Action Network.   Also here you will find some more stories about youth taking action around the globe – and perhaps also some inspiration for your own C&S or CAS programme.  Additionally, click here to see some ideas for activities that you could have done to get involved in this day.  Check them out and consider how you could incorporate them into your C&S or CAS programme.

One organisation is focusing on this quote by former UN general-secretary Kofi Annan as a part of their campaign to get youth involved in taking action: “You are never too young to lead.”     See their video below.