Burn Calories, Not Electricity

Posted by Peter MUIR

take the stairsStairs or elevator – which would you choose? And what are the consequences of your choice?

The amount of energy an elevator for every floor it moves you is quite high, and not often thought about. A 15 second elevator journey uses up the same amount of energy as a 60 W light bulb does within an hour. How much energy could you save with every floor you walk instead?

Though there are cases when elevators need to be used (for the elderly, moving goods, the disabled and buildings with a large number of floors), it has been observed here at DC that elevators are often used when stairs could be an option. “We are hoping that this campaign reduces the use of elevator use at DC when the stairs could be used” said Year 11 student Michelle Tamura, who is driving the campaign Burn calories, not electricity.

Aside from reasons relating to sustainable use of resources, Michelle added that there are also health benefits for taking stairs rather an elevator. “Using the stairs is a great way to develop fitness, and use energy. Why go to the gym to use the stair machine, when you have stairs at school!”

So next time you are going up or down floors, make sure that you, if you can, burn calories, not electricity.