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Burn Calories, Not Electricity

Posted by Peter MUIR

take the stairsStairs or elevator – which would you choose? And what are the consequences of your choice?

The amount of energy an elevator for every floor it moves you is quite high, and not often thought about. A 15 second elevator journey uses up the same amount of energy as a 60 W light bulb does within an hour. How much energy could you save with every floor you walk instead?

Though there are cases when elevators need to be used (for the elderly, moving goods, the disabled and buildings with a large number of floors), it has been observed here at DC that elevators are often used when stairs could be an option. “We are hoping that this campaign reduces the use of elevator use at DC when the stairs could be used” said Year 11 student Michelle Tamura, who is driving the campaign Burn calories, not electricity.

Aside from reasons relating to sustainable use of resources, Michelle added that there are also health benefits for taking stairs rather an elevator. “Using the stairs is a great way to develop fitness, and use energy. Why go to the gym to use the stair machine, when you have stairs at school!”

So next time you are going up or down floors, make sure that you, if you can, burn calories, not electricity.

Unicef Club ‘Amazing Race’

Posted by Peter MUIR

Want to experience what it is like to be in ‘The Amazing Race’? Here is your chance!

The DC Unicef Group would like to invite DC secondary students to participate in the ‘Amazing Race’ hosted by DC Unicef Group and celebrating the convention of the rights of the child (June 12, 2013).

By forming a group of 4, engaging in action-packed, thrilling activities throughout the 2 days (June 10th – 11th, excluding class time), the group that gets the most points for their group shall be the winner and the prize will be free pizza!
Remember to sign-up by June 5th to experience what it’s like to be in an exciting intense race!

Unicef CRC Poster 1

Year 7 World Ocean Day Poster Activity

Posted by Peter MUIR

You only need to look at an image from space to see that our planet should have been named “Ocean” rather than “Earth.”
world ocean dayHeld annually on June 8th,  World Ocean Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate our world ocean and our personal connection to the sea.  To help celebrate this day, Year 7 DC students are invited to create an A4-sized poster highlighting a chosen issue that our oceans face.  Click on the link below for full details.

World Ocean Day Yr 7 activity

DB Green Environmental movie night – Volunteers wanted

Posted by Peter MUIR

DB Green will be holding an awareness/fundraising event next Monday afternoon, and needs your support!

The “DB Green Envirnonmental Movie Night” will host environment-related activities for kids, screen a movie about Sharks to teens, and a movie about a very under-rated resource for adults,  Dirt!  Proceeds of the evening will go towards DB Green’s Annual Tree Planting Program.

Students volunteers will help out running various activities from 3:30pm onwards.  If you are keen to help out, please email Mrs Surman ( to sign up!
NOTE – Only students in Yr 7-8 can this service activity in their C&S programme.

Save the duck – Clean HK air!

Posted by Peter MUIR

SavetheduckThe Clean AIr Network is running a campaign to reduce marine air emissions.  The group is asking cruise lines to voluntarily switch to using fuels with sulphur content of 0.5 per cent or less while at berth.  According to CAN, since the giant rubber duck arrived in Victoria Harbour, it has been suffering miserably from the black smoke belching out from the nearby cruise liners.  The duck has experienced coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes and even some difficulties breathing. CAN believes this is due to the fact that the poor creature is stationed in the polluted harbor, amidst many ships, while also being surrounded by nearby buses at the same time.

In order to save the duck and locals alike, CAN is asking that the Government mandate fuel switches at berth and install on-shore power facilities at the new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal without delay. CAN also urges the Hong Kong Government to cooperate with the Guangdong Government to establish an emissions control area within the Pearl River Delta waters that would require all ships entering the control zone to use low-sulphur fuel.

Why not work with CAN and run the campaign at DC, informing the DC community about the issue and seeking people to sign the petition?  Take action today!

CAN Airmazing Race – looking for volunteers

Posted by Peter MUIR

CAN logoThe Clean AIr Network will be holding their annual Amazing Race this coming July.  

The Airmazing Race 3 is a fun, experiential, challenge-based competition that aims to engage teenagers in Hong Kong’s air quality issue in order to empower them to drive change. Participants have to study air pollution facts beforehand and apply their knowledge to tasks throughout The Race in order to win.

Get involved!

DB Green Beach Clean up this Saturday

Posted by Peter MUIR

DB Green will be holding another beach clean up this Saturday at Cheung Sha Lan Beach, 3-5pm.  Meeting Point is Nim Shue Wan Finger Pier (Marina Club Rd) then walk together to Cheung Sha Lan Beach.  It is a 10 minute walk to the beach so please wear appropriate shoes.  Gloves, Bags & Water refills will be provided (bring a water bottle, hat etc).
This cleanup is being held to support of the government initiative – “Clean Shorelines Campaign”.

I will if you will – Tree Planting Challenge

Posted by Peter MUIR

Tree planting

An idea – Burn Calories Not Electricity

Posted by admin

An idea for a C&S or CAS project – a campaign to encourage the DC community to use the stairs rather than the elevator at school.

  • Gather some statistics about how much electircity is used by the DC school lifts
  • Research how many calories are used when using the stairs
  • Use various ways to make people aware of these facts, and persuade them to use the stairs
  • Monitor the success of your campaign by looking at lift usage.

Breathing Hong Kong Video Contest

Posted by admin

To raise awareness about the air quality issues in Hong Kong, the Clean Air Network, in partnership with InterContinental Hong Kong and EarthCheck, and supported by the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), have organised the “Breathing Hong Kong” video contest!

Air pollution causes, on average, 3,200 premature deaths in Hong Kong each year and costs 40 billion in economic losses, according to Hong Kong University’s Hedley Environmental Index. You can help to promote clean air in the city by participating in this video contest. To learn more about how to enter, click here.

To get some inspiration, you can also watch CUHK’s videos “Black Kidnap” and “Air supplier“.