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C&S (or CAS) Project ideas

Posted by Peter MUIR

Looking for some ideas for a C&S or CAS Project?  Check out these listed by US organising Facing the Future, or these ideas suggested for Global Youth Service Day

Beach Clean up related C&S Projects

Posted by Peter MUIR

Here at DC, participating in a beach clean up is not what we consider a C&S project (for more details on C&S Projects, please refer to the C&S Students Handbook).  Organising a beach clean up, on the other hand, would be considered a C&S Project.  Here are a few ideas of C&S Projects related to beach clean ups:

  • Create a 3-minute video of the issues relating to waste management in Hong Kong and post on Youtube
  • Make an infographic about waste in Hong Kong.
  • Submit a proposal to a DC Primary class teacher, informing that you would like to present a session to their class about waste reduction.  Plan this 15-minute session with activities and interesting facts, then present it to the class.
  • Create a comic book in Cantonese about the need to reduce the amount of waste we create.  The book could be put on display for people to read in the DC library.
  • Research about how much waste your family creates (a waste audit) and then develop an action plan to reduce this waste.  Implement this plan, and gauge how successful your plan was.

Green Week at DC

Posted by Peter MUIR

This week DC secondary students took to the North Plaza beach and worked incredibly hard to help clean up some very depressing waste washed up on the beach. A total of 58 large black garbage bags of waste was cleaned up – and what an incredible difference it made!  Unfortunately, there is still so much more to do, with waste washing up on the beach almost every single day. The students spent time listening to Tracey Read from ‘Plastic Free Seas’ talk about micro-plastics and the frightening impact these have on our environment.   A key point passed on to students was for them to think about their own behaviour and use of disposable products – trying to avoid their use so that they may not end up in land fill, or even worse, washed up on the beaches of Hong Kong.

Other Green Week activities included the DC Acts of Green photography competition; results will be announced next week by the DC Sustainability Committee. In addition DC celebrated Earth Day with a ‘Meat Free Monday’. In support of this the Year 10s served a vegetarian lunch to the primary staff on Thursday and talked about the environmental impacts of eating meat. The cafeteria also supported Green Week with ‘Throttle the Bottle’ week and a straw-free week.  A big effort made by everyone but for us to really start making a significant difference we need to remember that ‘EVERY DAY NEEDS TO BE EARTH DAY’.