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Global Youth Service Day

Posted by Peter MUIR

The world’s young people are serving and celebrating as part of the 25th anniversary of Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) this weekend, April 26-28, 2013.  At least 1 million children, teens, and young adults in more than 100 countries across 6 continents will lead service or service-learning projects as well as events celebrating the good work youth are doing in their communities year-round.  As of April 24:

  • 2,307 Projects Registered on the GYSD Map
  • 51 U.S. States with Projects Registered
  • 103 Countries with Projects Registered
  • Top Countries: (1) Kyrgyzstan  (2) Canada  (3) Lebanon  (4) Russia   (5)  Tanzania

To take a look at important milestones from the 25 years of Global Youth Service day:  www.GYSD.org/25years

Project ideas:  these ideas are not just specific to GYSD – they can be done any time of the year! www.GYSD.org/ideas.  And check out these tools designed to help with not only the implementation of GYSD projects, but type of service project.  DC students could use these for any CAS or C&S project! www.GYSD.org/tools


DB Green tree planting

Posted by Peter MUIR

Here are the details for DB Green’s tree planting this Sunday….

The rainy season has definitely arrived and so it’s time to plant another 1000 trees in the conservation area! This is a wonderful project to return native trees to this once forested area and in doing so also improve the biodiversity of the local wildlife.

Directions: To find the conservation area you head up the road towards the golfcourse and turn right at the concrete road to the lookout. About 100m on your left is a couple of routes to get you to the conservation area. Look for bamboo stakes with coloured twine for the trees we’ve previously planted. We will try to put some kind of marker to get there but it is frequently removed by security so your best chance is to look out for happy diggers on the hill on your left. Failing being able to spot someone easily (sometimes we are on the other side of the hill), try calling John Horwood- our tree planting organiser on 9457 5548.

What to bring: Sturdy shoes (hiking boots are great or old sneakers as it gets quite muddy sometimes), plenty of water, insect repellent, sunscreen, snacks, friends (many hands really does make light work!) and, to prevent scratches, wear long trousers and shirts.

Time: Usually 10am to 4 pm or it may finish earlier if  trees taken up for the day are planted.

Even making it up for an hour or 2 is a great help.

Donating: Each tree costs $10 thanks to the generosity of Kadoorie Farms and covers the cost of the tree, bamboo, twine, equipment and transportation.

If you would like to donate to the cost of the trees you can transfer money to HSBC: 571 213511 001 or donate cash at the next flea market in June or beach cleanup on the 19 of May or give to John directly.