The Benefits of CAS and C&S

Posted by Peter MUIR

Year 11 DC student Boris Choy recently wrote an article highlighting the benefits of a sound CAS or C&S programme  – Why You Should Be Crazy For CAS

As we often discuss with our students at DC, doing things for others is certainly a positive outcome of CAS / C&S.  Additionally, and very important to consider in a school context, are the benefits that CAS / C&S provides to students.   In a nutshell, being involved in a well-planned CAS or C&S programme has the potential to provide the skills and knowledge that make students more employable, or make them better candidates for a university placement.  Indeed those students who apply for university scholarships are required to show what they have accomplished in their lives aside from their academic results.   A good CAS or C&S programme also develops the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, and makes students more well-rounded by having them challenge themselves by participating in activities that benefit the body, mind and soul.  I often say to our students, don’t look at CAS or C&S as a requirement, but look at it as an opportunity.