Daily Archives: April 12, 2013

40 Hour Famine

Posted by Peter MUIR

From Thursday 25 April 2013, there will be a 40 Hour Famine hosted at DC, open to any secondary student over the age of 12 who wishes to participate. The aim of this event is to raise awareness about world hunger by going on a 40 hour fast. By participating in this event your child will experience a small glimpse of the hardships of starvation that nearly 1 billion people worldwide face everyday. It also promotes compassion by giving up something for the sake of others in need, providing an opportunity to help others in their global community.

Participants in the event will cease consuming any type of food from 5pm on Thursday 25 April until 9am on Saturday 27 April. The consumption of water, however, is still essential and volunteers are advised to drink as much water as possible during the event. Volunteers will be responsible for bringing their own water bottles to school, and these can be refilled at one of the many water fountains. Sugar, in the form of small sweets, will be provided to keep participants’ sugar levels up, but these are to be consumed at a minimum.

Those participating are also encouraged to find donors to sponsor them during the event. The funds raised will be donated to World Vision and help their plight against world hunger and breaking the poverty cycle. Attached is a sponsor form that students should use to acquire sponsors. Please return the sponsor form with the money (cash) to the 40 Hour Famine information booths, which will be in the main foyer on the Monday after the event.

To enhance the experience, students in Years 10-12 who are participating in the fast have the option to join an overnight stay at the school, from 3.15pm Friday 26 April until 9am the following morning. The overnight stay will be held in the school gym, as it offers the participants an uncomfortable environment to fast in, aiming to further develop empathy of those around the world who live in poverty. This is also to ensure that participants will not break the fast, and allows participants to fast communally, teachers and students alike.

Students who are keen to take part in either the famine or the overnight stay will need to obtain the relevant permission forms from the school office.