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Tung Chung Home for the Elderly CAS Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

People who have lived in Hong Kong for generations. Survivors of occupation during the war. Great grandmothers who have plenty of stories to tell. These are the people who you can meet volunteering at an elderly centre.

Also known as a “nursing home”, this term correctly implies that the people who live in these homes will be provided with a nurse’s care. However these people need more than just the care form a nurse. These people are looking for something to keep their minds busy, even just somebody to talk to. This is where you skills and enthusiasm is required!

DC is in the early stages of setting up a meaningful CAS project at the Tung Chung Home for the Elderly. Tung Chung Home for the Elderly provides residential care, meals, personal care and limited nursing care for elders in Tung Chung. Only 15 minutes from DB, it provides a good opportunity developing relationships with members of the community you would not always interact with.

Your role would be quite flexible – simply put forward some ideas related to an indicated need at the home – to provide company and fun, interactive opportunities for the residents. Possible activities range form teaching crafts, organizing bingo nights, holding performances or playing card games.

Though not many clients at the home speak English, if you have minimal Cantonese or Mandarin, we can team you up with a student partner who does.

Click here to sign up for this meaningful service project.