Research Shows Poor Air for HK Marathon Runners

Posted by Peter MUIR

To get first-hand air pollution information along the race route of this year’s Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, Clean Air Network (CAN) invited four volunteer runners (two running the Full Marathon and two running the 10 KM) to carry portable PM2.5 monitors to measure air pollution levels during the race.

PM2.5, which is short for “Particulate Matter, 2.5 micrometers or less” measures the amount of fine particles in the (ambient) air 2.5 micrometres or less in size.  These “PM2.5 particles” are known to produce respiratory and cardiovascular illness.

For the 42-km Full Marathon, the average PM2.5 concentration was 30 microgram/cubic meter, higher than the WHO Air Quality Guideline of 25 microgram/cubic meter.  This tells use essentially what we already assumed – breathing Hong Kong air is not healthy!

What could you do in your C&S / CAS efforts to address this?  What principled action could you take?  Ideas might include spreading awareness here in Discovery Bay, and encouraging the school and DB community to sign a petition to inform the government to take action.