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Mission for Migrant workers Carnival

Posted by Peter MUIR

Over the past few months DC Year 12 student Momoko Ishii has been coaching swimming to clients from the Mission for Migrant Workers, a Hong Kong-based organization that provides services and outreach programmes are for the more than 300,000 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong.  Momoko has found this role challenging (especially trying to teach swimming to somebody who has a strong fear of water due to a near drowning experience) and exciting, and is now inspired to get more involved in social entrepreneurship.

On behalf of the Mission for Migrant workers (MFMW), Momoko is passing on an invite to members of the DC community to get involved in their upcoming carnival.  Held on March 3, the MFMW will host the Multicultural Connections Carnival, the culminating activity of their Connecting Cultures and Community project.  The event will be held in Chater Road, Central, from 10:30AM to 6:00PM.

Additionally, the day’s program will also serve as the MFMW’s 32nd anniversary celebration. After 32 years of serving the migrant workers and spreading the message of love and social justice, we will recognize the support given by various groups in Hong Kong and overseas to the MFMW and our work.

With the message “We Can Live and Work Together”, the carnival will be a celebration of culture of various peoples living and working in Hong Kong and will highlight the interconnections of the communities in Hong Kong. It will drumbeat the message of respect, understanding and caring for each other as we strive for social harmony among the people.

MFMW would like to request for volunteers from DC to assist them in preparing and running the event. The volunteers will specifically be asked to help in Chinese-English translation for the audience and viewers of the booths, help in distributing promotional materials for the day, and help in the various necessary tasks to ensure the success of the program.

If you have questions or need more details, please do not hesitate to contact MFMW at 25228264 or email

World Water Day

Posted by Peter MUIR

March 22 is World Water Day – a day to focus on what many people around the world take for granted, while millions of others struggle to access daily requirements – water.

The day provides an opportunity to become aware of the challenges many face around the globe due to a lack of fresh water, as well as the realization that one of our most important resources is not infinite.  An idea for students – conduct a Personal Water Audit (pages 4-8) to see how much water you use over two days (sorry – it’s from Nth America so you’ll need to convert to metric).  You might also wish to extend this to look at the amount your whole family uses at home.  Then look at ways that you could reduce your personal water footprint.  Present your findings at school.

Oxfam Lai See donation campaign

Posted by Peter MUIR

This year DC is joining the Oxfam Lai See donation campaign.  Please consider making a voluntary Lai See donation during Chinese New Year to share blessings with disadvantaged people in the region.  Oxfam Hong Kong will use the funds raised from this campaign to continue their efforts in providing the basic necessities and improving the livelihood of disadvantaged people in China.  13-year-old Yang Song is one such individual that Oxfam has supported.  Here is his story:

Yang Song, 13, and many of his neighbours in  the village of Mawo, Guizhou, used to spend at least two hours a day to collect water for their home and their crops. They walked seven kilometres each way. Water is heavy, and Song sometimes stumbled with a full bucket, but he is strong for his age. He also walks over a hill every day to get to school, and also walks back and forth at lunchtime for the noon meal. Song’s whole family work hard. Their land is so rocky and eroded that their harvests tend to be a third of what they are elsewhere. Their last harvest only provided food for six months and they had to borrow money to buy the missing food for the other half of the year.   In 2011, Oxfam and a local partner in Guizhou began an environmental and sustainable  livelihood programme in Mawo. The initiative includes supporting the building of water storage tanks – four large ones for community use, and a smaller one for each family – plus agricultural training, seedlings and tools. Song’s family now has water right near their door, and is expecting a better harvest next season. Now that Song no longer has to collect water far away, he has more time to devote to his studies. His parents hope he can go to university someday. They all hope for a live without poverty.

Many people in Mainland China do not have a sustainable water supply.  Your donation will enable people like Song and his family to have access to water and a better livelihood.

Needed – Organisers for the DC ORBIS Blindfold Lunch

Posted by Peter MUIR

DC is hoping to this year host an ORBIS Blindfold Lunch, and is looking for astudents to organize it.  To be held before May 2013, the event will involve our some of our primary students experiencing what it is like to eat food they can’t see. The event aims to increase participant’s understanding of the difficulties facing millions of preventably blind people worldwide and why they need to safeguard their own eyesight.

Last year over 3,000 students across Hong Kong participated in the event, raising their own awareness as well as over HK$120,000 for the sight saving work of ORBIS.

The DC student organisers would be involved in planning and running all aspects of the event.  Resources will be available form ORBIS to assist event preparations.  This is open to students in Years 9-12.  Ask Mr Muir for more details on how you can be involved.  Otherwise click here to sign up today, or sign up on the DC Community Engagement sign up page.

Feeding Hong Kong Bread Run

Posted by Peter MUIR

Feeding Hong Kong (FHK) will be holding their first public Bread Run of the Year of the Snake on Tuesday February 19.

Each week, FHK works with volunteers to collect surplus fresh bread from shops across Hong Kong at closing time. All Bread Run donations are redistributed amongst the FHK charity network the following morning.


  • Are you: Over 16 years old?
  • Available on Tuesday February 19 between 8.00-9.30pm?
  • Contactable via email and mobile?

Yes to all? Great!

  • Volunteer to become a bread runner today
  • Simply choose 1-2 stores in the area of your choice and register as an individual or a pair of volunteers
  • On pick up night, arrive at your chosen store(s) at closing time, pick up the surplus bread and deliver it to one of the FHK collection points (Central, Yau Tong and Kowloon Tong)

Register today and encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to sign up too!

Want to be involved but not available?  Here are some other ways you can get involved:


Summer opportunity – Summerbridge student teachers

Posted by Peter MUIR

Looking for an opportunity for a meaningful volunteer opportunity over the summer break?  The Summerbridge project is seeking applications for student teachers for their coming summer programme.

Summerbridge Hong Kong

Founded in 1992, Summerbridge Hong Kong (“Summerbridge”) is a non-profit organization that creates educational opportunities for highly motivated underprivileged secondary school students in Hong Kong. It is a member of The Breakthrough Collaborative and is the only program to operate outside of the US. It provides comprehensive year-round programs to develop students’ English communication through an intensive English Language Development curriculum, small class size, individual mentoring, and hands-on learning strategies. In addition to English language development, Summerbridge programs develop students’ self-confidence and their interest in the learning process. Unique to this project and key to its success is the ‘students-teaching-students’ model, offering older students the opportunity to teach and administer programs to younger students. This model creates a dynamic learning environment in which young people are both the initiators and beneficiaries of the educational process.

Summerbridge 2013 programme details

Summerbridge student teachers

Summerbridge teachers are young, fun, creative, and motivated individuals ready to take on the challenge of teaching and helping to organize an educational program. Our student teachers are between the ages of 16 to 22 and come from secondary schools and universities in Hong Kong, the US, the UK, and Canada. They are a diverse group bringing a variety of talents and backgrounds to the program. Common to all student teachers is a desire to help young people, a willingness to work in an intense and rewarding environment, and a commitment to both teaching and learning.

With the help and guidance from professional teachers, Summerbridge student teachers are responsible for developing curriculum, teaching classes, meeting with parents, planning extra-curricular activities, and evaluating student performance. Teachers work to create a community that celebrates academic achievement, creativity, individuality, and risk-taking.

Summerbridge 2013 student teacher application form

DB Green Beach Clean Up Dates

Posted by Peter MUIR

DB Green have posted their dates for upcoming beach clean-ups – do try and get along to support a good cause.  And if these dates do not suit, consider organising your own!