Trash trashers – DC Waste Audit

Posted by Peter MUIR

‘Trash Trashers’ is a CAS group with the aim of improving what DC does with waste.  As a part of their efforts, they conducted a waste audit to see exactly what goes in our bins.  The group selected 8 garbage bags (a small part of the total rubbish we produce) and checked out their contents.  Below are their findings:

Bags checked: 8

Item Count:

Plastic bottles: 26   Crisp bags: 59   Plastic cups: 22   Cans: 29   Paper cups: 31   Paper juice boxes: 84   Paper plates: 48   Small plastic bags: 33












Notable Findings:

Notable Findings Issue indicated Possible approach to issue
Many plastic bags used for containing trash Poor garbage system -Biodegradable bags
Lots of uneaten food -Poor eating habits-Lack of compost -Create compost
Many juice boxes -Poor recycling -Encourage bring own drink bottle
Lots of waste paper -Paper recycling system not well-known -Raise awareness of paper bins
Lots of tissues -Many tissues used in washrooms -Use air dryers more

Suggested next steps in order of priority (Based on audit only):

-Raise awareness of paper bins

-Talk to primary students

-Display board

-Signs around school (above general bins)

-Explore using biodegradable bags for school waste

-Look into current system (if already using biodegradable bags)

-Look into biodegradable bags (pros and cons)

-Propose change to school leaders

-Encourage using air hand dryers and drinking bottles

-Display board

-Signs in washrooms

-Explore compost and how it could be used in the school

-Look into compost and its possible uses in the school