Daily Archives: February 19, 2013

Aggreg8 film competition – My Ocean

Posted by Peter MUIR

Aggreg8 is a new, innovative project that is the first of its kind!

This competition will create a short movie of approximately 6 minutes in length, with a theme about the ocean – “My Ocean………”  You, the public, will create the film with different segments voted on in a competition format, so that the end result is a community-created short film.  In the Aggreg8 competition’s format (the world’s first), each week builds on the story line that was developed in the previous week(s). Each week is a different competition for the next 60 seconds of the film and each week’s winning piece is chosen by public voting.  The first segment of the film is created by a famous filmmaker in Hong Kong. In the end, this and a total of five public segments will be Aggre8tedto make the film.

Watch the Intro Animation for Instructions, and the 1st minute by local director and actress Sharon Kwok.  2nd minute” entries are due 25th February 2013 (6pm) – simply visit the Aggreg8 platform to enter.