Summer opportunity – Summerbridge student teachers

Posted by Peter MUIR

Looking for an opportunity for a meaningful volunteer opportunity over the summer break?  The Summerbridge project is seeking applications for student teachers for their coming summer programme.

Summerbridge Hong Kong

Founded in 1992, Summerbridge Hong Kong (“Summerbridge”) is a non-profit organization that creates educational opportunities for highly motivated underprivileged secondary school students in Hong Kong. It is a member of The Breakthrough Collaborative and is the only program to operate outside of the US. It provides comprehensive year-round programs to develop students’ English communication through an intensive English Language Development curriculum, small class size, individual mentoring, and hands-on learning strategies. In addition to English language development, Summerbridge programs develop students’ self-confidence and their interest in the learning process. Unique to this project and key to its success is the ‘students-teaching-students’ model, offering older students the opportunity to teach and administer programs to younger students. This model creates a dynamic learning environment in which young people are both the initiators and beneficiaries of the educational process.

Summerbridge 2013 programme details

Summerbridge student teachers

Summerbridge teachers are young, fun, creative, and motivated individuals ready to take on the challenge of teaching and helping to organize an educational program. Our student teachers are between the ages of 16 to 22 and come from secondary schools and universities in Hong Kong, the US, the UK, and Canada. They are a diverse group bringing a variety of talents and backgrounds to the program. Common to all student teachers is a desire to help young people, a willingness to work in an intense and rewarding environment, and a commitment to both teaching and learning.

With the help and guidance from professional teachers, Summerbridge student teachers are responsible for developing curriculum, teaching classes, meeting with parents, planning extra-curricular activities, and evaluating student performance. Teachers work to create a community that celebrates academic achievement, creativity, individuality, and risk-taking.

Summerbridge 2013 student teacher application form