Film Exchange project

Posted by Peter MUIR

Here is a message from the Hong Kong Joint School Photographic Society, of which some DC students are members.  They are keen for DC students to get involved!

Ever tried to think out of the box and create something completely original and beyond your imagination? Ever wanted to capture the world in a distinct aspect that is beyond the limits of normal photography? In order to satisfy your hunger for finding a novel way to explore the world, the Hong Kong Joint School Photographic Society is proud to present our Film Exchange Project, which is our second consecutive year to organize this event.

In this event, Participants will each receive a cartridge of photographic film, which they will use to produce a series of photographs in a limited period of time. They will then exchange their cartridges with other participants without processing the film so other participants can take photographs that overlap the original images. We will then retrieve the cartridges in order to process the film and get the final results.

The final products will therefore show a blend of creativity and show interesting ideas that were unintentional in their creation.
In order to allow you to freely explore on ideas and maximize your creativity, this project has a very flexible schedule in which participants can feel free to submit their films anytime within a range of one month and exchange for another cartridge. You can comfortably express your view on Hong Kong’s society, architecture and landscapes in whatever ways you wish and the only limit is your limited amount of film.

Don’t hesitate and go for it today to explore this new scope in photography!