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Discovery College Swimathon

Posted by Peter MUIR

Swimathon@DC is the first charity swimathon event that will take place at Discovery College, open to all students above Y5 who is capable of swimming more than 200m. Unlike the conventional speed competitions, this event focuses on physical endurance and that the participants will attempt to swim as many laps as they can within 30-minute time frame. All funds collected from the application fees will be directed to Mother’s Choice, a non-governmental organization that assists young children that need permanent homes as well as underprivileged pregnant mothers. This event is open to individual participants and teams with maximum of four members.  The application form can be found below.

For any queries, please contact dc.swimathon@gmail.com.

Swimathon Application Form

Life for refugees in Hong Kong

Posted by Peter MUIR

Chungking Mansions Service Centre has sent out the following details, hoping to receive some support for some people in need.  For those who are not aware, our centre does not get any support from the Government or any major funding body in HK, hence why they rely on the community to help their our clients through grants, sponsorship, donations and partnerships. The following is a call for help.  And, importantly, keep in mind that you can also help directly by volunteering in the programmes that the service centre is involved in.  See more details here on how to get involved.

  • A vulnerable refugee family of 5 is in need of $300/month top-up in rent. They have started their resettlement process and might leave HK for resettlement within a year. It is not practical for them to move-out of their current home as they might not find anything cheaper than their current place. 4 out of 5 members of the family are under our Psychosocial Program for various mental health conditions. The father and mother are also physically ill.
  • An elderly client suffering from various ailment and his 22 year old son live in New Territories. The assistance they get from ISS is not enough especially to meet their dietary needs. A support of $200/month will help them immensely.
  • A single mother with a daughter who have recently escaped persecution (both are traumatized and mother is very sick)is in need of a home and we are finding it difficult to find them a home without rental deposit. To ensure they are safe and we find a decent home, we need to raise funds for rental deposit and or agent’s fee which we anticipate will be around $2,000. Moreover, her daughter who is in a local secondary school is top in their class but the Student’s Financial Assistance Agency doesn’t cover all the expenses. She is in danger of quitting school if we don’t find her additional financial support. If you are interested to help, I have attached here our Educational Sponsorship information (please note there are also other children under our waiting list).
  • A family with 2 children came to HK almost two years ago. They live in Shek Kip Mei in a run-down flat. Both parents have a medical case, the mother has serious back injury and the father is going to be operated on his throat to remove a foreign body. They require financial assistance for their electricity bill each month of around $250.