Chungking Mansions Refugee Support Group

Posted by Peter MUIR

DC will soon be establishing a Community Engagement group that will support the efforts of the Chungking Mansions Service Centre. The Chungking Mansions Service Centre is the only full-service drop-in service centre providing humanitarian assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and torture claimants in Hong Kong. Their mission is to provide a holistic support system to refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong which increases social, financial, cultural, mental and spiritual well-being. Since 2004, the centre fills a large gap in social welfare services by providing essential humanitarian assistance such as shelter, food, clothes and other daily necessities. In addition, they are the only source for educational, psychosocial, recreational and spiritual support.

Areas where the service centre works are:
1. Provision of essential basic needs
2. Food programme
3. Case work, advice, and advocacy
4. Support for new arrivals
5. Education support and programming for children and adults
6. Youth Development Programme
7. Recreational activities
8. Assistance for unaccompanied minors
9. Therapeutic/counseling support
10. Outreach work

The DC group will initially be open to Year 12 students only. Though the group will develop ideas of their involvement, activities might include:
• Volunteering in small groups to projects/events/activities at Chungking mansions
• Developing and leading lessons – aimed at children and/or adults – such as English, computer skills, crafts at Chungking mansions
• Fundraising/awareness events at DC
• Organising and hosting fun days where your clients visit and use our school facilities

This offers students a great opportunity to be involved in a meaningful CAS Project. To show your interest, Sign up today on the DC Community Engagement webpage sign up page or click here.