Well Being in Youth Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

Here is an opportunity for secondary students to get involved in research aimed at exploring the health of youth around the world.  The University of Hong Kong and Chinese University Hong Kong are involved in an international project looking at health and well being in youth. As you may be aware a group of DC students has already been involved in this project looking at their diet and exercise.  Discovery College has agreed to continue to support the project as it has an aim to understand and support healthier lifestyles.  For DC students in years 7-10, being involved in this research can be a part of C&S.
If you are interested in taking part read the iHealth flyer

If you wish to participate please:
1.       Obtain consent from your parents/guardians
2.       Ask your parents/guardians to fill out the Parental survey
3.       Fill out the Adolescent Questionnaire
4.       Return the completed questionnaires to Michael (MikeChow@hku.hk) [this can be done electronically; via email]
5 .    Print and sign a copy of the consent forms which will be handed back to Michael at a fact to face meeting.
See Mr Lassock if you have any inquiries related to the iHealt(H) Study