Success at TEDxYouth@DiscoveryCollege

Posted by Peter MUIR

On November 16th, Discovery College hosted their 2nd TEDxYouth@DiscoveryCollege event in the Discovery College Theatre. This year’s theme was “Dream Big…then do it!” Contributing to this theme members of the College partook in a campaign, sharing their dreams and ambitions for the future. The speakers at the event also captured this ideal.

The first speaker was Bruce Taylor, a current Humanities and Economics teacher at DC. In the past he had participated in activist movements and helped share his experiences and ideas at this event, focusing on the issues of inequality, globalization and the questions we often leave unanswered. Other speakers were Tramy Hickin, a Discovery College student, sharing her thoughts on her identity and how, in a globalized world, identity is so much harder to find. Where do we belong? What country to we belong to? Following her was Tracy Reed, who has sailed through the Great pacific garbage patch and been involved in raising people’s awareness and involving people in various beach cleanups. Last, but not least spoke photographer and ocean conservation activist, Gary Stokes who shared how, just by the capture of an image, people’s awareness has grown. People say pictures are worth a hundred words, and when coming to raise awareness, they truly do. All four of them were fantastic speakers, who left the audience with questions  to be thought about and who opened the audiences eyes to different areas otherwise not considered. To add to the excitement and thrill of the speakers, entertainers performed between the presentations and videos of former TEDx speakers from around the world were shown.

The TEDx event was a success, with many students in the audience saying “I never thought of that!” or, “Wow, it really changed my point of view”. After the Event, some of the audience members were asked what they thought of it and if they would attend the event again. “I would definitely go to another one, it was an exceptional experience, the speakers were amazing, providing so many questions and thoughts that I had never considered and that I am now constantly thinking of…it was just, overall, a great event”, Zoe F. Cosima G. said “Yes I would! It was so much fun! Some people might say speeches are boring, and yeah I sometimes need to agree, but really these weren’t!”.

In conclusion, the TEDx event was a great success. The audience was thrilled and filled with inspiration and motivation from the fantastic speakers. Many audience members are already looking forward to the next event.

by Viola Graef, Year 10