U16 Boys Basketball

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Result: 21-35(L) v ISFA

A good start to the season on Thursday for the B team, despite not being able to get the win. The opposition played a very technical game, forcing our boys to dig deep and come together as a team to ensure they stayed close on the scoreboard for most of the game. The defence was solid for most of the game, now the challenge of solidifying the offensive strategies to provide for better scoring opportunities in the future.

U16 Boys Football

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Result: 6-2 (W) vs HKA

Today was the first game of the season for the U16 boys and ended with a big fat W. Chris, Xavier, Doh Young, Nathan and Virgile all got their names on the score sheet. Absolute class from Virgile scoring a brace in the first half. The score ended with a 6-2 victory and we would like to proceed with this victory onto the next few matches. As our Coach Finn promised us a free dinner if we won all of our games.

Report written by Osman and Tomoya

U14 Girls Basketball

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Result: 59-4 (W) vs KSHK A

This was our first fixture of this season. For many of us, this was our first game. Overall, I think we did quite well. We developed on skills we wouldn’t have gotten in class such as competitive skills. We would probably need to work on our defensive skills though as some of us would just stop and could not mark a person.

U20 Boys Basketball

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Result: 52-70 (L) vs HKIS

Monday the 26 of November we had our first U20 basketball game of the season against HKIS. Unfortunately, DC took an L, losing 52-70. Taken into account they hadn’t trained as a team before the match, the players and the coaches were satisfied with the end result. DC started the game hyped and with many great plays offensively and defensively. After that, the 2nd and 3rd quarter HKIS started to outplay us, we were not communicating and not boxing out when there was a shot allowing HKIS to grab rebounds over us and dominate in the paint. This caused our 3 point lead in the first quarter to decline to a 14 point deficit at the half and further up to 20 points at the end of the 3rd. In the 4th quarter the game completely changed, we went from playing slow basketball, not boxing out and not communicating to hustling for rebounds, communicating as a team, moving the ball as a team to get open shots or lanes. Unfortunately, HKIS already had too big of a lead for us to catch up. After the game us as players, the U20 team can only say that they will practice and train defensively and offensively as a team and make sure they don’t lose any more games. Many thanks to everyone that came and supported them.