Fusion360 Remote Help

If you have any technical problems with Fusion 360 you can request remote help from our Discovery College Autodesk helpdesk. Follow the two steps bellow to maximize efficiency.

Step 1 – Email the helpdesk

    • Option 1  You can try to use this automated gmail tool here. Don’t forget to fill the area in parenthesis accordingly
    • Option 2    You can send an email manually to the following address:
      • Email address:             
      • Subject:                          DC FusionHub – Fusion360 helpdesk request
      • Email message:            My full name is…..   My DT class number is (e.g. 07DT112). I need support for: (e.g. installing Fusion 360). Can we book a remote help session  for (Date and Time).

The helpdesk will answer your request as soon as they can. 

While you are waiting for the helpdesk answer,  go to step 2 and install the Chrome Remote Desktop tool. 

Further instructions will be given in the helpdesk’s email.

Step 2 – Install the Chrome Remote Desktop tool