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Year 6 Blog Update

Posted by jasonedwards

Friday 3 May 2019

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a great Easter Break. Apologies as it
has been a while since the last blog update. Please find on this update the
latest curriculum information, an Exhibition round up as well as some key


Our new unit of inquiry is How the World Works, which
has the central idea:

Investigation is required in order to understand
scientific phenomena.

The lines of inquiry are:

Fair testing in a
scientific investigation.

The systematic process
of scientific inquiry.

How scientists use
evidence to form conclusions.

The students will be inquiring into a range of scientific experiments, revising the scientific process, recording and analyzing results, and drawing conclusions from their findings. This also links to our language unit in which we will be learning about scientific procedures and how to draw and write conclusions and explanations.


We are presently
continuing with our learning about data handling in maths and the students are
learning to generate data and then present, analyse and compare it. We will
then look at probability and how as mathematicians we can predict the outcomes
of a range of events.


It was great to see so many of you here for the Exhibition Evening on Tuesday 9 April to celebrate the culmination of the students Exhibition journey. After many weeks of hard work, decision making and anxious moments it was fantastic to see the students proudly and confidently sharing their stories and learning with all who came.


Friday 3 May – Sports day

Thursday 9 May –
Student Led Conferences

Friday 10 May – Staff CPD

Monday 13 May –

Thursday 23 May – 6ECN
Assembly (6ECN Parents only)

W/C 27 May – INCAS Testing

Monday 3 June – Year 6

Friday 7 June –

Wednesday 12 June and
Thursday 13 June – Primary Production

Thursday 20 June –
Year 6 Celebration

Friday 28 June – Last day
of Term 3