Year 6 Blog Update – Monday 11 February 2019

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Year 6 Blog Update

Monday 11 February  2019

Dear Parents

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Welcome to the Year 6 Blog which looks back over the past 4 weeks and outlines what is happening here at school for the upcoming half term!

Sharing the Planet

Over the last 4 weeks before the CNY holiday the students have been inquiring into the transdisciplinary theme of ‘Sharing the Planet’.

The central idea for this unit is ‘people worldwide encounter a range of challenges and risks that provide opportunities to solve problems’.

Which has the lines of inquiry:

Local and global issues

Challenges and risks connected to local and global issues

Opportunities to respond to challenges and risks

The students have been looking at a range of issues from a variety of sources and then been categorizing these into personal, local and global, they then inquired into what actions are being taken to help solve these issues. The students looked at a range of personal issues and how they might solve these as well as how they can have a positive impact on others.



The students have been learning about fractions since Christmas, this will continue after the Chinese New Year break. The learning objective for fractions for Year 6 are:

Understand the relationship and convert between common fractions, decimal fractions and percentages.

Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of common fractions with the same or related denominators.

Find percentages of numbers or quantities with and without a calculator.

Read, write and solve problems involving ratio.

Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

Simplify fractions in mental and written form.

As usual the students will be building on their skills and knowledge through a variety of learning engagements.



In language the students have been looking into a range of writing traits such as sentence fluency, voice, conventions and ideas, as well as working on comprehension skills, reading and spelling. After the Chinese New Year break the students will be learning how to write reflective journals and how to use formal language when constructing emails, both which will tie into their Exhibition journey.


Exhibition – Exhibition Evening – Tuesday 9 April 2019

The process of Exhibition has started! Students spent the day on Wednesday 30 January in a workshop scenario, which was followed up and reflected upon on Thursday 31 January. Content was shared as to the difference between an Exhibition as compared to an exhibition learning journey, examples were shown with the aim of stimulating passions and interests, the students reflected on how they connected with these and looked into how they might make a link between passions and interests and purpose and meaningful action. Some students are narrowing down their interests and zoning in on an issue or area in which their learning will progress. This is a vital step as the students who will experience the most enjoyment and success will be the ones who choose something that intrinsically motivates them.  Please take the time to discuss this with your children over the course of the next few weeks and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.


Upcoming dates

School Photos

6JES – Monday 11 February

6ASD – Monday 11 February

6ECN – Wednesday 20 February – (this is a PE day – please come in regular school uniform)

6KHN – Thursday 21 February


Exhibition Evening

Tuesday 9 April 2019


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Year 6 blog update, which has information about camp and our present learning.

Camp – Tuesday 30 October to Friday 2 November

After all the waiting and anticipating and with a typhoon lurking, the Year 6 students finally set off for their EOTC experience from Tuesday 30 October to Friday 2 November. They had 3 different experiences, two based at the Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre (SKORC) and the other at a camp site in Sai Kung Country Park.

Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre (SKORC)

For two nights the students were based in dormitories at SKORC where they washed, slept, ate and did a range of activities from archery to wall climbing. During the day they would have been involved in either a hike to the Lion’s Center where they made nature videos for their Year 1 buddies, or a treasure hunt around Sai Kung which also included budgeting for their own lunch. This was followed by a boat ride to Pak Sha Chau, where the students had a variety of challenges from which to choose. Each day ended at SKORC where the student could continue with the activities provided there.

Shui Long Wo Campsite

The other day and night was spent at Shui Long Wo Campsite where the students erected their tents, solved team challenges, cooked their own food on the BBQ and went on a night hike (in some cases accompanied by a wild boar).

Typhoon Yutu

Unfortunately, not all children got to experience all of the planned activities as Typhoon Yutu was lurking on the outskirts of Hong Kong and the T3 signal was raised. This required all schools out on trips and camps to return home, which we had to do on the afternoon of Thursday 1 November. This was a great disappointment to all students and staff on the camp, but the students must be commended on the positive attitude with which they responded.

Friday 2 November

After some quick discussions, paperwork and emails, all the students were out and hiking in Discovery Bay the following morning where we went to the lookout, reservoir and ended at the beach for some fun games and much earned pizza.


I’d like to take a few moments to acknowledge and thank all the people involved who helped make this camp a success. To the group of parents who so generously gave up their time to assist, to the staff who joined us and engaged with the students over the course of the 4 days and also to the staff back at school who worked so diligently to get 140 people back to school at such short notice.

Please take some time to look through a selection of pictures at the bottom of the blog, especially Mr Leithhead’s drone footage.

Curriculum News

UOI – Where we are in place and time

In this unit we are inquiring into the central idea:

Significant events in history reveal multiple points of view that influence actions.

To do this the student are researching into the history of Hong Kong and looking at which events are significant and why, as well as looking at how the different points of view of these events can influence our opinions on them.


Language is closely linked to our unit, where the students will be looking at recounts, especially in a historical sense. We will also be learning about how paragraphs can be constructed around a topic sentence.


Up to Christmas we will be learning about multiplication and division, especially in the context of decimals. We will do this in a variety of ways and helping the students to build procedural fluency, problem solving skills as well as developing their mathematical mindsets.

Character Strengths

Building on from the work done last year, the students are reconnecting with the concept of character strengths. Over the next few weeks they will choose a character strength to work on and then reflect on how they think they have improved it. It would be great if this was mirrored at home and there were some parent/guardian talks about their choice and how they think they can strengthen them.

Upcoming dates

Tuesday 20 November – 6ASD Assembly (6ASD parents only)

Wednesday 5 December – 6KHN Assembly (6KHN parents only)

Friday 7 December – Christmas Concert

Friday 14 December – End of Term 1

Watch It! – Drone video of Year 6 at the top of DB Lookout

A bit More!! – Drone video of Year 6 on the beach