Year 6 Blog 2018-2019

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Year 6 Blog Update

Friday 12 October 2018

Dear Parents

After nine weeks it’s hard to fathom that we have reached mid term already. It has certainly been an eventful start to the year. We have had a class assembly, a swim gala, parent teacher conferences, ISA testing, a character strengths day,  sports meets, a few holidays and a typhoon.

On top of that, the students have inquired into what it means to be an individual within a community, they have learnt about digital citizenship, seen how there are patterns in numbers and practiced predicting outcomes to future terms in patterns, seen how authors can put voice into their work and practiced doing this themselves.

During September we started our second unit of inquiry; ‘How we organise ourselves’, which has the central idea; systems of governance influence lives of individuals. The students have inquired into a variety of political systems and looked at the range of character strengths that people use to ‘lead’ in areas of their lives. In maths we have been learning to understand and order decimal numbers into the thousandths, add and subtract decimal numbers and solve decimal related number problems.

After the break we have the much anticipated camp, we will start our new unit; ‘Where we are in place and time’, which looks at significant events in history, this connects to our language unit which looks at research and reports and will start to look into multiplication and division with respect to decimals.

Camp – Tuesday 30 October to Friday 2 November

You should have received a hard copy this week with the finalised details for our upcoming camp which has information and reminders on what clothes and ‘equipment’ to pack, food arrangements, medical details, adult supervision as well as the general itinerary for the four days.

Please be reminded that the students do not need to bring mobile phones or electronic games with them, but they can bring a digital camera which they will need to be responsible for.

The whole year group will have a briefing about camp on Friday 26 October where they will find out what groups they are in as well as receive some information about how Halloween may be recognised.

Can we also take a moment to acknowledge all the parents who have volunteered to assist us on camp this year as we could not make the experience as rich as it is with out their help.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to your child’s class teacher who will be more than happy to try to answer them.

We look forwards to seeing everyone back on Monday 22 October but in the meantime have a great mid term break.

Upcoming dates

Y6 Camp – Tuesday 30 October – Friday 2 November

6ASD Assembly – Tuesday 20 November (6ASD parents only)

6KHN Assembly – Wednesday 5 December (6KHN parents only)

Below is the Year 6 Programme of Inquiry 2018 -2019

Y6 DC POI 2018_19.docx (1)