Year 6 Blog Update December 2017

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End of Term 1 Update

As we reach the end of term 1 the Year 6 team would like to take this opportunity to update the parents on our current learning as well as some other things that have been happening in the year group since our last update.

Unit of inquiry – Where we are in place and time

Central Idea: Significant events in history reveal multiple points of view that influence actions.

LOI 1: The role of a historian.

LOI 2: How our perspective on significant events is influenced.

LOI 3: The reliability of opinions connected to significant events.

For the past 3 weeks the year 6 students have been inquiring into the history of Hong Kong from the early 1800s to the present day. We have used this era in local history to help develop an understanding of what it means for an historical event to be significant and how opinions on events can shape how we think of them. This learning was supported by our visit to the Hong Kong History museum when after constructing a timeline of the history of Hong Kong the students then became an expert in a particular era on that timeline, so that they could then share their learning about that era with students who had learnt about a different era. This knowledge has helped the students understand the language involved in historical recounts and helped them to construct their own recount on Hong Kong’s history.

When we return after the Christmas break the students will be inquiring into a significant historical event of their choice, looking at why it is significant and the perspectives and opinions that are connected to it. They will also be required to write a recount on it as well as represent it as a timeline, using the skills and knowledge gained from looking at the history of Hong Kong.



In mathematics the students have been learning about and practicing different strategies when solving multiplication and division sums. They have been guided through this in a range of lessons that have varied from direct teaching, to peer teaching, to inquiring into and solving open ended questions and constructing their own understandings.



The students have been involved in a range of activities that are designed to bring in an awareness of wellbeing and to help them practice wellbeing. Some of these have been writing in wellbeing journals, looking at class agreements, circle time, peace talks and spending time with our Year 1 buddies.

Agents of Change

On Thursday 25 January the Year 6 students will join 900 other ESF Year 6 students at Kowloon Junior School, for the Agents of Change conference. This will give the students the opportunity to engage with some NGOs who will explain to the students the nature of their work and hopefully inspire and motivate some passions and interests in the lead up to exhibition.

Some of the NGOs at the event will be Plastic Free Seas, SPCA, Unicef, Heifer, Mother’s Choice and Angels for Orphans, there will be 28 in all and the students have been doing some research into them so they can make an informed decision on who they can see on the day as they will get to visit three NGOs from a chosen list of six.



Students have now posted their next entries into their digital portfolios on Seesaw. The students will have posted a video of them carrying out their scientific investigation from our last unit of inquiry ‘How the world works’, this would have been accompanied by the write up of the same experiment. They will have also posted an example of them solving a maths problem using their favourite strategy. There will also be a range of work that parents can discuss with their children that has not just come from the class teachers but also from their specialist teachers too.



Upcoming events

Friday 15 December – End of Term 1

Monday 8 January – Start of Term 2

Thursday 18 January – 3 Way Conferences

Thursday 25 January – Agents of Change at Kowloon Junior School

Lastly, can we take this opportunity to wish you a great break over the next three weeks as well as a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Year 6 Team