Year 6 Blog 2017-2018

Posted by jasonedwards

Year 6 Camp

From Tuesday 10 October to Friday 13 October, the Year 6 students embarked on the annual Year 6 camp. This camp took place at two sites, Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre and Shui Long Wo Campsite, which is on the Macelhose Trail.

The children rotated through a range of activities over the course of the 4 days, stayed in dormitories at the Recreation Centre and slept in tents at the campsite. The children had opportunities to develop independence and team work skills as well as have the chance to challenge themselves, develop growth mindsets and build new friendships.

At the Recreation Centre the children had opportunities to attempt the rock climbing wall , archery, roller blading, indoor sports, swimming and arts and crafts and every night they were responsible for cooking their own food at the BBQ sites. At Shui Long Campsite the students were presented with a range of puzzles and challenges that required them to think outside of the box, challenge their ability to work in teams and trust others.

Thanks to all the staff and parents who accompanied the Year Group, as this EOTC experience would not have been as successful with out their desire to help and support the students.


Year 6 – Paper Tower Building

On the Monday before camp the students were given the task of building the highest newspaper tower they could. They did this in groups of no more than 4 and were given limited resources with which to complete the task (1 newspaper, I meter of tape and scissors). They were asked to follow the design process which involved researching and then coming up with individual ideas, collaborating in their group to decide on a final design and then building the design.

Please see the video below which highlights the morning.


Curriculum Updates

As in the previous blog the students are now working on place value, addition and subtraction in maths, looking at fair testing in our current UOI; How the world works and learning to use scientific language when writing scientific report.