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Year 6 Blog 2017-2018

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Year 6 Blog Update 2017-2018 


Dear Parents,

As we reach the end of the first seven weeks of school, this is a quick blog update on what we have covered in our learning and what we will next be doing after the mid term break.


How we organise ourselves (HWOO)

The students are now well acquainted with their laptops, expectations around use have been discussed and the central idea: People interact with technology to access information and connect with each other has been inquired into through the lines of inquiry. The students have demonstrated their learning through a range of online digital programmes such as Popplet, Canva and Powtoon, all of which they have access to so that they can share their learning with you.


How the world works (HTWW)

After the mid term break we will be starting our science based unit HTWW which has the central idea: Matter exists in different forms which can be changed and used for a variety of purposes.

The lines of inquiry for this unit are

  • An inquiry into physical and chemical changes
  • How changing variables can change the result of a reaction.
  • How scientists use evidence to inform conclusions.

The students will be carrying out a range of experiments and inquiring into how changing variables can change the outcome of an experiment. We will also be looking into how scientists hypothesise and draw conclusions as well as observe and record results.



The students have just finished learning about exposition writing and how to structure a piece of writing that shows their opinion. We have looked into the importance of paragraphing and time connectives as well as word choice and how these can all help us to influence decisions.

After the break we will be looking into the components of a scientific report, how they are written and the language used – especially the language connected with the changing of variables.



We have reached the end of our pattern and function unit. The students have inquired into how patterns grow, how they can be recorded in terms and elements and how to construct equations so that future terms can be predicted. Along with this has been the teaching of BEDMAS and the importance of the order of operations when solving multi-operational sums.

Our next strand covers place value, addition and subtraction and by the end of this unit it is expected that Year 6 students will be able to

  • Apply place value to partition and rename numbers to thousandths
  • Recognise, and order integers (including negative integers)
  • Recognise, model and order decimal fractions to thousandths or beyond.
  • Round decimal fractions to the nearest tenth or whole number
  • Use efficient mental and written strategies to add integers and decimals
  • Use efficient mental and written strategies subtract integers and decimals



Year 6 students receive weekly homework that is given out every Friday and is to be turned in on the evening of the following Thursday or following Friday morning.  Generally, it includes a reading log as well as connecting to what is being covered in our unit of inquiry, language and mathematics lessons. Homework is never new learning and is a consolidation of what has been happening in class. You can view it through your child’s Google Classroom.


Camp (Tuesday 10 to Friday 13 October)

Camp is now just around the corner and is upon us on the Tuesday we come back after mid term break. The children are all very excited about this superb opportunity to learn more about themselves, challenge themselves and build new friendships as well as strengthen existing ones.  Can I also take this opportunity to remind parents that the students must not take any phones on camp with them.


Approaching Dates

Camp – 10th  – 13th  October

Swim Carnival 17th October

Parent Teacher Conferences 18th October and 19th October.

ESF CPD Day 20th October


Please see our Year 6 Programme of Inquiry for further information on the units the students will be inquiring into this year.

Year 6 POI 2017-18

Have a great mid term break and we look forward to seeing you all back on  Monday 9th October.

The Year 6 Team