Year 6 Blog 2017-2018

Posted by jasonedwards

Welcome to Year 6 

Dear Parents

After 2 weeks of school the Year 6 team would like to take the opportunity of welcoming you to the Year 6 blog. This blog will be updated and posted at various times throughout the year and will have information about what will be happening and what has been happening in the year group.

This year we have two new teachers to Year 6, myself and Emma Cameron along with Adam Ward and Kylie Harrison who are now in their fifth and fourth years in Year 6 respectively. The Year 6 teachers are assisted by our two EAs, Ian Urquhart and Keiko Trimingham.

The first week in Year 6 was spent getting to know the students, setting up class and school expectations and ensuring that laptops were ready for use.


During this second week we have started on our unit of inquiry which is the transdisciplinary theme of ‘How we organise ourselves’.

The children are inquiring into the central idea: People interact with technology to access information and connect with each other. The lines of inquiry for this unit are,

  • The purpose of technology
  • The impact of technology
  • Responsibilities when engaging with online systems

The concepts for this are function, causation and responsibility. Throughout the unit we will be focusing on helping the students develop the learner profile attributes  of being balanced  as well as being a communicator. They will also be learning about the attitudes of respect and integrity.

In language we are finding out how the students see themselves as readers and writers as well as learning the skills and techniques of exposition writing. Our maths is focused on pattern and function and this week the students have been investigating how BEDMAS affects how we solve and approach questions.

Our first date to formally meet many of you is at the upcoming Parent Information Fair, this coming Thursday 31 August. Other important dates for Year 6 are…

Camp – Tuesday 10 October to Friday 13 October (details to come soon)

Parent Teacher Conferences – Wednesday 18 October and Thursday 19 October

Swim Carnival Tuesday – Tuesday 17 October


The team feel that the students have made a very positive and productive start to the term and we are anticipating an excellent year ahead as the students strive to be the best they can be. As always if you have questions or queries please don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.