Drum Jam

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Today Year 5 joined with Year 6 to celebrate Cultural Fest. With the generous support of the DC PTA we were able to get Kumi from Rhythm of Life Co to come along and teach us, through an interactive session, all about sound, rhythm, silence, beats and enjoyment in music and song. We each had a drum to beat, we learnt an African song, some new dance moves and had a lot of fun along the way.
The belief of Rhythm of Life is, ‘We UPLIFT, INSPIRE, CELEBRATE & UNITE people
through our interactive drumming programme’.
That was certainly our experience today!

Sharing the Planet

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Galaxy 5 are learning to be responsible and caring students of the world around them as they inquire into biodiversity and how maintaining the interdependent balance between organisms within ecosystems is important for our planet.

Throughout this unit of inquiry, students will use our surrounding areas to watch, listen and record ecosystems and food chains and discover how they depend on each other for survival.

All recording will be done in a scientific journal through sketches, labelled diagrams and worded descriptions. (please make sure that your child has a journal or exercise book this week, see example below))

On Thursday 19 April, Year 5 will take a field trip to Wetlands Park to view and record the many different ecosystems that make up the park. We are all looking forward to this trip.

A new parent celebration date will be emailed to our families shortly. Students will be keen to share their new understandings on biodiversity and their learning journey through our unit of inquiry, ‘Sharing the planet’.

Unit of Inquiry:

Transdisciplinary theme : Sharing the Planet:

An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things

Central idea:

Biodiversity relies on maintaining the interdependent balance of organisms within ecosystems.

What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

An inquiry into:

the connections between organisms within ecosystems and biomes
how human interaction with the environment can affect the balance of ecosystems
human responsibility for the biodiversity of the planet


Pattern and function

central idea

Identifying, using and describing patterns help us to make sense of the world we live in.

An inquiry into:

Ways patterns can be described and represented
How patterns and rules can be used to make predictions to solve problems
The use of pattern and function in real life situations


Meaning can be constructed through the inter-relationships of photos, diagrams, illustrations and written texts.Students will keep journals to record scientific processes using a mixture of annotated photos, diagrams, observation notes
Oral LanguageSpeaking and Listening
Written LanguageReading and Writing
Visual LanguageViewing and Presenting

Rescheduled Parent Celebration

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Dear Parents

Due to the school closure and the CNY break, we have rescheduled our Parent Celebration originally planned for this week. We always want our students to be able to present their learning in the best circumstances possible and so we have decided to reschedule our celebration to coincide with our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry.
We will update you with the new date very soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused

Year 5 team.

Home Learning Thursday 16th February

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Hi everyone

Welcome to our last home learning before the CNY holiday. We hope you have had fun doing your learning from home as well as enjoying a sunny break with some outside fun.

The last set work has a focus on mathematics, especially fractions. Over the last week and until the 28th February we ask that all students complete the 6 quizzes and the final test as an indication of how your learning has consolidated over the last few weeks. This information will help teachers to plan for the weeks ahead.

Enjoy the New Year celebrations and we look forward to seeing you all soon,

Year 5 teachers

Wednesday 14th February- Home Learning

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Todays Home Learning has been posted in Google Classroom along with a special task. We are asking the students in TES and LFR to make a small book (directions on Google Classroom) to help decorate our door for Book Week.

We would also like to remind students of the importance of working on the fraction quizzes set on Khan Academy so we can build on this after the CNY break.

As well as working diligently on your Home Learning, we hope you have been enjoying the sunshine and taking the opportunity to enjoy your environment. Our next unit of inquiry is the study of biodiversity and the human responsibility in keeping our planet sustainable.

Enjoy your day

Year 5 teachers

Home learning

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Hi everyone,

I hope you found todays home learning this morning and you are having fun completing it. Try to send us some photos of your ‘kindness messages’.

Please find the pathway to your Chinese home learning below:

Chinese Home Learning:

All Chinese home learning can be found on Ding! under the Chinese subject tab, then Year level and then by clicking the Chinese class teacher individual page. Please go to this page to see the learning expectations, as per normal Chinese homework.


Year 5 teachers

Tuesday 13th February

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Hi everyone

Todays home learning will be up and ready for all students to enjoy this morning. I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine today.
Please complete the set work, especially the Khan Academy fraction quizzes,

See you all soon

Year 5 teachers

Monday 12 February

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Hi Parents and Students

Hopefully this morning you received the home learning for today on Google classroom. Students are asked to complete this work with a focus on presentation, spelling and punctuation as they would if they were in class.
Parents are asked to check this each day and sign it off when the work is complete and of an acceptable standard.
Students are asked to display responsibility by ensuring that all tasks for each subject are completed each day.

I hope everyone is staying well


Y5 teachers

Home learning during school closure.

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Dear Yr 5 Parents,

In light of the announced closure of schools from tomorrow until the end of the Chinese New Year Holiday, the Year 5 team will be setting appropriate work for students to complete over the next week, as highlighted in the overview below.

Year level teams will communicate your child’s learning through this blog over the next week. The tasks set are ones that can be meaningfully carried out in the home environment and will include Mathematics, Language and Unit of Inquiry activities.

The work provided is intended to maintain your child’s learning during this unexpected break. Teachers will be in work as normal should you need to email them for additional information.

This work will also be found on Google Classroom. Please support your children in accessing this work through Google classroom and ensuring that it is completed each day. All work should be completed with a focus on presentation, punctuation and spelling and signed by parents when completed satisfactorily.

Google Classroom

Thursday 8 February & Friday 9 February:
HomeFUN #17 has been set today.

Monday 12th – Thursday 15th February:
Future tasks will be available from Monday looking at the following curriculum areas:

Fractions/addition, subtraction, converting to decimals, improper fractions and mixed fractions
Khan Academy
Study ladder
Basic facts-4 operations

Word study- nouns, verbs, adjectives, prefixes, suffixes
Reading- daily record of reading, Big Universe, reading activities
Writing- persuasive text, creative writing, fast writes

Unit of Inquiry:
Continuation of advertising campaigns- more information to follow
Advertising group discussions
Analysing of persuasive techniques in advertisements
Creating advertisements using a variety of techniques and target audiences

Year 5 Music
In our current unit on introduction to ukulele we have been focusing on how to research songs using tutorials and chord charts.
At home please try and do the following:
Research at least 3 songs that use the chords Am, G, F and C for the purpose of learning them in your groups when you return to school after Chinese New Year. You must present these songs to your group and justify why you think they would be suitable to learn on the ukulele.

Here are some links to ukulele song sites and a chord chart that you might find be useful.

Ukulele Tabs and Chords:

Ukulele Hunt:


In our current unit on Invasion Games, we have been focusing on basketball.

At home please try and do the following things:

1) Watch your Seesaw video and do a verbal reflection on your performance. Were you successful in attack/ defence? If so, why? If not, why? Review your performance with an adult and assist them through the Guiding Questions (refer to Seesaw) we used in class.
2) Take a ball and continue the 4 different dribble types we have done in class (‘normal’, pound, crossover, through your legs)
3) Practise your invasion game skills with your family.
4) Go for a run and keep yourself nice and fit (1 – 1.6km under 12 minutes is the in-class goal)

Year 5 teachers and educational assistants look forward to working together with families to ensure students are able to maintain their learning during this unexpected break.

PLEASE NOTE: The Year 5 celebration of learning, scheduled for March 1, may now be changed due to the school closure. A separate email will be sent at a later date, once we have looked at what facilities are available and the students have resumed meetings with their clients.

Advertising campaigns well under way!

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Our budding advertising executives are well under way in persuading their clients and their target audiences through posters, videos, brochures and websites.

Groups have now had 2 or 3 meetings with their client to determine the product or event to be advertised, persuasive techniques to use and the target audience to aim their advertisement at. Some have found it a little difficult to listen to their client and not use colours and ideas that they would choose themselves.

Working in groups can also be a challenge, so co operation and resolving conflict are skills that we are building on in these early weeks.

Our students are learning much about themselves and reflect on this individually and as a group each week. Teachers are confident that we will all see growth in the qualities of the learner profile, attitudes and character strengths.

REMEMBER to keep 1st March, 8.35 – 10.00am free to attend our parent celebration morning as the groups take you through their advertising journey!