Athletics Day

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Great fun and lots of energy and enthusiasm was on show on the foreshore today at the DC Athletics Day carnival.

It was wonderful to see everyone participate and support each other as they competed in a range of events.

Sprints, hurdles, water and ball relays, throwing and tug o’ war events tested even the fittest athletes from Years 4,5 and 6.

We are all waiting anxiously to hear the final results at the conclusion of the Lower Primary Athletics carnival this afternoon!

Sharing our learning

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Today, Discovery College students hosted parents and friends at school to share and celebrate the learning journey of our students.

Year 5 students shared their enthusiasm, their thinking and their attitude to learning through various learning experiences.

Parents were challenged to make shapes, measure angles and record celebrations and challenges on a ‘Blob Tree’. Students explained how Blob Trees are used to express how they are feeling at certain times during the day and to make visible to others how they are feeling.

Science journals, goal reflections and field trip experiences were shared and enjoyed.

What a great way to share and celebrate our learning journey so far.

Well done Galaxy 5!

HK Wetlands Park

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Today Galaxy 5 journeyed to the HK Wetlands Park in New Territories.

After a long journey  we set off in groups  to start investigating as soon as the doors opened.

With science journals at the ready, we observed, sketched and questioned the interaction of living and non living parts of an ecosystem.

At each of the different environments: mangroves, mudflats, fishpond and stream, we set ourselves up in the ‘hides’ and and on the boardwalks and used our observation skills to find and identify various species of birds, plants and insects. We recorded these in our journals to use back at school as we inquire into how ecosystems work and our responsibility in preserving and caring for these environments.

It was a long and busy day with lots of walking but it was very enjoyable and worthwhile. Our students made the teachers proud with their enthusiastic and purposeful behaviour.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made this possible and to the weather for holding off until the bus trip home!

Kicking off our new unit!

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On Friday, Year 5 students spent the afternoon studying ‘living things’ in and around our college. Moving through 4 rotations we had the opportunity to study various types of water through magnifying glasses, insects and plants, pond life and, using a quadrant, life in the soil.

Our work now is finding connections, similarities and differences in living things and our responsibility in sharing our planet with them.

As scientists, we will be recording all our learning in our special journals using sketches, labelled diagrams and informative texts. (if your child has not brought a journal to school yet, please encourage them to do so now)

A reminder that Year 5 will be travelling to Wetlands Park on Thursday 20 April to view the many ecosystems in place there.

Sharing the Planet with Year 5

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Galaxy 5 are learning to be responsible and caring students of the world around them as they inquire into biodiversity and how maintaining the interdependent balance between organisms within ecosystems is important for our planet.

Throughout this unit of inquiry, students will use our surrounding areas to watch, listen and record ecosystems and food chains and discover how they depend on each other for survival.

All recording will be done in a scientific journal through sketches, labelled diagrams and worded descriptions. (please make sure that your child has a journal or exercise book this week)

On Thursday 20 April, Year 5 will take a field trip to Wetlands Park to view and record the many different ecosystems that make up the park. We are all looking forward to this trip.


Unit of Inquiry:

Transdisciplinary theme : Sharing the Planet: 


An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things

Central idea:

Biodiversity relies on maintaining the interdependent balance of organisms within ecosystems.


What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

An inquiry into:

  •    the connections between organisms within ecosystems and biomes
  •    how human interaction with the environment can affect the balance of ecosystems
  •    human responsibility for the biodiversity of the planet



Shape and measurement


  • central idea

Shapes have attributes that enable them to be described, measured, compared and used in real world situations.


An inquiry into:

  • Ways to describe 2D and 3D shapes
  • Units of measurement
  • The use of shape and measurement in real life situations



  • Meaning can be constructed through the inter-relationships of photos, diagrams, illustrations and written texts.Students will keep journals to record scientific processes using a mixture of annotated photos, diagrams, observation notes
Oral LanguageSpeaking and Listening
Written LanguageReading and Writing
Visual LanguageViewing and Presenting

Celebrations for all!

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What a great way to celebrate the conclusion of a unit of inquiry! Parents, teachers, clients and students shared Year 5’s learning journey through the world of advertising finishing with a range of advertisements being viewed.

Posters, websites, movies and slideshows in both English and Mandarin were viewed and appreciated. Students were able to share their journey by referring to their display board as they spoke about the central idea, lines of inquiry, concepts and approaches to learning and how they were related to and connected with their learning.

Everyone who attended was impressed with the confidence and understanding shown by the students in presenting their work from over the last 8 weeks.

If you need an advertising campaign done, any one of our groups would be capable of planning it for you! (some have already started on one)

See you here on Monday!!

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Dear Parents,

Don’t forget to save this date to come and listen to our students share their advertising journey with you.

They have been working hard with their clients to produce a variety of advertisements that advertise many events at our college and in our community.

Come along to the theatre at 10.45 on Monday 20th March for an introduction to the morning and then bring along your questions to find out more about the experiences of your children over the last 8 weeks!

We are all very excited and looking forward to seeing you there.

Entering the world of advertising

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Galaxy 5 are learning to be critical thinkers as they look at advertising, persuasive writing, pattern and function and also collecting and interpreting data to inform them of people’s choices.

Through this unit of inquiry, students will work with authentic clients to pitch a media campaign to advertise a certain product or event. Importance will be in working with a client, working in a group and being able to adapt to new roles, resolve conflict and show organisational skills as they prepare their advertisement.

Parents will be invited to attend our Media Expo on March 20 from 10.45 am in the theatre for an introduction to the celebration, followed by presentations by the Y5 students in the Y4 and 5 classrooms, documenting their journey through this unit of inquiry.

(change of date due to logistical reasons)


Unit of Inquiry:

Transdisciplinary theme : How we express ourselves: 

To discover and express ideas, feelings.

The ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity.

Our appreciation of the aesthetic.


Central idea:
Advertising can influence people’s opinions and the choices they make

What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

An inquiry into:
* the purpose of advertising (Causation)
*the techniques used to make advertising effective and to influence our choices (use of language, images and sounds) (Function)
*how advertisers respond to the needs of the client to produce their advertisement (Reflection)



Pattern and Function


  • central idea


Identifying, using and describing patterns help us to make sense of the world we live in


An inquiry into:

Ways patterns can be described and represented

How patterns and rules can be used to make predictions to solve problem

The use of pattern and function in real life situations



  • Persuasive writing
  • Listening appreciatively and responsively,
  • Presenting their own point of view and respecting the views of others
  • Looking for and interpreting effective visual cues
Oral LanguageSpeaking and Listening
Written LanguageReading and Writing
Visual LanguageViewing and Presenting

Visiting the history museum

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As we build on our understanding of the central idea, Past civilisations influence present day societies, Year 5 spent the day at the History museum following the story of Hong Kong.

From prehistoric times to present day, students saw exhibits, movies, models and artefacts that they can relate to things around us today.

We hope this visit will inspire and encourage their journey through ‘Where we are in place and time’,  as they complete their inquiries into this unit.

Our students will be completing a thinking routine next week to demonstrate their understanding of the work that they have completed over the last 6 weeks.


Happy end of term 1

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Year 5 teachers and students wish everyone a happy holiday as we come to the end of a very exciting Term 1. Lots of hard work, inquiry, new learning, assemblies, camp, swimming carnival and much, much more to celebrate with a well earned break.

Safe travel to those leaving Hong Kong to travel or to see family and friends and a restful time for those staying to enjoy the peace and quiet.

We are sad to see our learning assistant Tracey Eales and one of our students Ada Kurumlu leave us as they set out to experience new beginnings. We wish them well and encourage them to keep in touch.

See you all back soon in the new year to begin an exciting Term 2.