Parent Information Fair 2018

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Thank you for coming!

It was a pleasure to meet so many of you at last Thursday’s DC Parent Information Fair. As promised, here is a copy of the slides that were presented. If you were not able to attend the information fair, you can find some of the Year 5 highlights as well as key people and dates in this slideshow.

If you are interested in being a class parent representative (CPR), or if you have any other general questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s teacher. The email addresses can be found on the Communications slide. One of the most common questions that came up at the Info Fair was around homework and access to Google Classroom. Please rest assured that the teachers are supporting the students in class with this transition to online homework, and we are continually refining the process to ensure that all students can access the homework independently. That said, please get in touch with your child’s teacher via email or by writing a message in their diary if you continue to have issues with either Google Classroom or Khan Academy at home.

Year 5 is off to an exciting start!

Year 6 Exhibition: This will be us next year!

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Last Thursday, the Year 5 students were privileged to be able to watch and listen to the Year 6 students preparing for their Exhibition Night. Our students toured around the Soap Box talks and TedTalks and also listened to some of the music performances and group presentations.

This was very relevant and significant for the Year 5s as it gave them a taster of what they will be expected to do in 12 months time in their own Exhibition! Our students were certainly in awe of their Year 6 colleagues and were very impressed with the level of engagement and challenge that the Exhibition experience offered the students.

Launching into the 3 Way Conferences!

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All the classes in Galaxy 5 are anticipating with excitement the Three-Way Conferences due to take place this Thursday 4th February. Everyone has been preparing in various ways, considering their achievements, looking for good examples to share with their parents and also thinking about their next steps in learning and areas of growth.

Planet Ward students met with their buddies in 2LSN today and helped them to practise their conferences. They role-played, acting as each other’s ‘parent’ and tried to anticipate some of the comments and questions  that will come up on Thursday. This was a great way for the Year 2s to demonstrate their communication skills to their older buddy. The Year 5 students were also able to share some of the highlights of their work. It was a very rewarding session.



The Great Lunar Module Launch!

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After a tense wait until the last block, all of Galaxy 5 gathered together to find out whose Lunar Module would successfully land on the moon.

Each team split into two, sending some members down to the landing area, whilst the others launched their module from above.

All 29 modules were launched successfully from the first floor balcony, with six landing on the moon and all others close by.

There was great excitement as the students shared the experience of learning and creating together for the first time as a whole year level group. This is a first step in developing positive relationships across Galaxy 5, which will be fostered throughout the year.




Galaxy 5 create Lunar Modules!

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This morning was an exciting time for the students in Galaxy 5. They worked in mixed class groups to design and create lunar modules that would be launched from the first floor balcony onto our reproduction moon. This was the first of many opportunities for the students to demonstrate their social and communication skills as well as collaborating with new group mates. This proved to be a challenge for some! However, 29 lunar modules were created and successfully launched.


First week in Galaxy 5.

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Welcome to Galaxy 5!
We have created this blog as a place where families can keep in touch with what we are up to in Year 5. It is a place where will celebrate our achievements and share our learning. It will also be a place where you can check details of events or find useful websites to support learning at home.

Over the past few days we have been getting to know each other, meeting new and old friends and having a blast!

Here are a few pictures of our first three days in Galaxy 5….


Welcome to Galaxy 5!

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Dear Parents

It has been a pleasure meeting many of you during the past few days. We would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome you to the year 5 learning community at Discovery College. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the new year 5 students and are all looking forward to a successful and enjoyable year ahead.

Meet the Year 5 team!

y5 team


Teacher Contact Details


Key Information
We would like to take this opportunity to communicate some key information to you regarding such things as homework, reading and our upcoming camp.

  • Homework: Year 5 students will be receiving their homework every Wednesday and will be expected to return it to school the following Wednesday. Homework will consist of maths practice and language or unit of inquiry work. At times, the homework will be project-based and students may be given two or three weeks to complete it.
  • Home Readers: Students will be choosing their own ‘home readers’ from the library or they may choose to read a book they already have at home. We hope they will be reading to or with an adult every night for at least 15 minutes.
  • Camp: We will be going on camp to Cheung Chau Island from Wednesday 28 – Friday 30 October. It is expected that every student will attend camp as a crucial part of our learning programme. Further details on camp will follow in a few weeks.
  • First Unit of Inquiry: How the world works, focuses on the central idea that ‘the Earth’s conditions and position in space make life sustainable’. More details to come in an upcoming blog post.

We hope to see you all at the Parent Information Fair being held on Thursday 20 August, beginning at 12.30 pm. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us or pop in to see us should you need any further information.

Warm regards
The Year 5 Team

Ms. Terry Evans, Mr. Kevin McDavid, Mrs. Kim Ward, Mrs. Wendy Urquhart
Mrs Kay Drew and Mrs Claire Nichols