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Visiting Wetland Park

Posted by year5

Yesterday Galaxy 5 traveled by bus to New Territories to visit Wetland Park.

After a long journey and morning tea, we set off in groups of 15 to start investigating as soon as the doors opened.

Inside, with science journals at the ready, we observed, sketched and questioned the interaction of living and non living parts of an ecosystem.

At each of the different environments: mangroves, mudflats, fishpond and stream, we set ourselves up in the ‘hides’ and used binoculars to find and identify various species of birds, plants and insects. We recorded these in our journals to use back at school as we inquire into how ecosystems work and our responsibility in preserving and caring for these environments.

It was a long and busy day with lots of walking but it was very enjoyable and worthwhile. Our students made the teachers proud with their enthusiastic and purposeful behaviour.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made this possible.