How we organise ourselves

I see, I think, I wonder

Posted by year5

Last week 5TES and 5KMD combined to share our thinking about factors that affect trade. The students viewed 17 photographs and with their own thoughts about trade, recorded what they saw in each photograph. After looking for details in the photographs they recorded what they thought the connections might be and what questions they had after viewing.

The students worked diligently to view and record their thoughts for 17 photographs and their wonderings gave teachers an insight into the prior knowledge shared amongst them.

We are looking forward to inquiring more deeply into our responsibilities as consumers and how our actions can influence trade.

5TES inquire into trade!

Posted by year5

As a provocation for the ‘How we organise ourselves’ unit of inquiry, 5TES participated in the game, World Feast. The students were divided into world regions and were given an amount of food to make for the feast. The catch, however, was that they were only given one type of resource. One region had the maps, one had the scissors, another the red crayon etc.

The children were given no hints as to how to go about fulfilling their contribution to the feast. As they were all given an amount of money, the first thought was to buy everything but the money soon ran out and trading with other regions was finally thought of as a way to obtain necessary resources.

Loud voices, cries of ‘not fair’, signs of ‘paper for sale’ and tricks like breaking the crayons so they had more to sell were soon the order of the day.

During the discussion that followed, the students came to realise that food distribution does not always seem fair: that food produced and the number of workers involved does not always mean that the distribution of food matches the work involved.

Thank you to Ms United Nations, Mrs Ellery, for being the referee in any trade disputes that arose.