How the world works

The ‘Discovery Dome’ lands in DC Theatre!

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What a fantastic two days Galaxy 5 have had visiting the “Discovery Dome” which landed in our theatre, promptly inflated itself (with the aid of a powerful fan) and along with it’s commander, Rachel, enthralled our students with an interactive and exciting tour of the universe, our Galaxy and our solar system.

This has been a timely reinforcement of the learning that has already been emerging within our How the World Works unit of inquiry. All the students and teachers were completely engaged and energised by the presentation! What a great warm up for our visit to the Space Museum next Thursday.

Inquiring into…our solar system!

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Galaxy 5 have been conducting research into the unique conditions on Earth which make it possible to live here. Working in mixed study groups made up of one representative alien from each of the four planets in Galaxy 5, the children worked collaboratively using a range of sources.

The groups have also researched one other planet in our solar system. The next step will be to jigsaw all the information, sharing new knowledge with their peers to generate a collective pool of research into the structure and function of the solar system.

The Great Lunar Module Launch!

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After a tense wait until the last block, all of Galaxy 5 gathered together to find out whose Lunar Module would successfully land on the moon.

Each team split into two, sending some members down to the landing area, whilst the others launched their module from above.

All 29 modules were launched successfully from the first floor balcony, with six landing on the moon and all others close by.

There was great excitement as the students shared the experience of learning and creating together for the first time as a whole year level group. This is a first step in developing positive relationships across Galaxy 5, which will be fostered throughout the year.




Galaxy 5 create Lunar Modules!

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This morning was an exciting time for the students in Galaxy 5. They worked in mixed class groups to design and create lunar modules that would be launched from the first floor balcony onto our reproduction moon. This was the first of many opportunities for the students to demonstrate their social and communication skills as well as collaborating with new group mates. This proved to be a challenge for some! However, 29 lunar modules were created and successfully launched.