January Update

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It was a great start to Term 2 in Year 5 with everyone arriving back from the break with many experiences to share about their holiday adventures. We quickly got back into our learning and were ready for the excitement of the coming weeks. The first three weeks have flown by with Three-way Conferences, CCA and sporting activities, House and other special events, and for some, a highly successful Primary Young Performers Evening.

DC School Photos
By now you would have received the photo schedule for the first weeks back after CNY. Please take note of the days and times when your child will be involved in different photo opportunities as, apart from the class photos, students will be expected to present for other photos independently.

The Discovery Dome

This week the Year 5 students welcomed the Discovery Dome to DC. It was a unique opportunity to explore Earth as we watched and heard stories about how our planet was formed and the dynamic nature of our home in the solar system. It was the perfect way to consolidate our knowledge for the ‘How the world works’ unit of inquiry especially as we were presenting our summative assessment task.

During this unit, we have become scientific researchers by posing questions and using our research skills to investigating the different cycles and systems of our planet. By becoming experts on our home, planet Earth, we have learnt about the forces at work and have gained a deeper understanding of the natural phenomena experienced in different parts of the world. Just ask us, you’ll be amazed!

URSTRONG Friendology Programme

After the CNY break, all Year 5 students will take part in the URSTRONG’s Friendology 101 programme as part of Visible Wellbeing. Through a series of 8 sequential sessions your child will be inspired to feel empowered, develop a strong sense of self, and love themselves while learning to manage the most important thing to them…their friendships. URSTRONG is an internationally-recognized friendship programme that gives children the language, skills, and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier relationships.

We will be launching URSTRONG on Thursday 14th February with the students and invite you to join Mrs Tracey Chitty, our school counsellor, for a Coffee Conversation on friendships. This workshop is based on Michael Thompson’s book Best Friends Worst Enemies: Understanding the social lives of children running from 8:30-10:00 am. Please see the details for the Coffee Conversation below.

Here are details of the URSTRONG programme we will run in our classrooms and how the Year 5 students will be coached through the following session topics;

How to Get Real – focuses on the importance of being true to who you are, embracing your unique self, and dispelling myths around gender stereotypes.

How to Make Friends – focuses on the art of friendship-making starting with how to introduce yourself, find something in common, and have a conversation. Students also learn what’s normal in a friendship through the 4 Friendship Facts.

How to Be a Great Friend – focuses on the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships using the Friend-o-meter, attributes of a great friend, and the importance of spending the most time in healthy friendships.

How to Put out Friendship Fires – focuses on putting a voice to your feelings and conflict-resolution using our step-by-step approach for putting out ‘Friendship Fires’.

How to be a Friendship Ninja – focuses on understanding the difference between normal conflict (Friendship Fires) and Mean-on-Purpose behavior. Students learn how to say a Quick Comeback and report to a grown up to combat unkind behavior.

How to Handle Tricky Situations – highlights hot topics and common challenges in tween friendships including how to handle being in the middle, managing birthday parties, how to say “No!” to friends without feeling mean, and how to keep friendships healthy online.

How to Take Control and Feel Heard – focuses on taking control of butterflies (i.e.anxiety) and strategies for managing those ‘movies’ in our minds. Students also learn the importance of expressing how you feel and being a good listener.

How to remember URSTRONG! – brings all the topics together by reviewing and reinforcing important concepts, recognizing the strengths in one another, and a chance for each child to showcase their “sole”.

Happy Lunar New Year
Kung Hei Fat Choi or Xin Nian Kuai Le to all Year 5 families. With the lunar new year fast approaching we hope the celebrations plans are underway and the Year of the Pig begins well for everyone.