STP Celebration of Learning

Posted by romanol1

On Thursday 29th November we welcomed the parents to Discovery College to celebrate the learning the Year 5 students have uncovered during the inquiry into ‘Sharing the Planet’. Year 5 ‘scientists’ led their parents through a variety of interactive stations, demonstrating their understanding of the importance of biodiversity and our responsibility in sharing the planet with all organisms.

Students were able to share their Visual Art work on microscopic cells and even demonstrated some of the processes they used for their parents. Everyone was very involved and interested in looking through the microscopes to zoom in on everyday objects. There were opportunities to sketch specimens and gain feedback on the scientific drawings. Jenga was used to build ecosystems and explain how the balance of organisms is vital for a healthy biological community. We planted flowers to encourage bees, discussing how they are interdependent on each other. The Canva ‘Did you know?’ posters had shocking facts about human impact on biodiversity but also practical ways we can become more responsible citizens of the world. Playing the biodiversity Kahoot quiz really made everyone stop and think further about this, while measuring our carbon footprints had a huge impact once we realised the extent of our energy use. Our students were knowledgeable and confident in sharing their learning, displaying courage, appreciation and enthusiasm as true scientists.

We hope all the families pledges can now become reality, where everyone works together by taking action to make a difference (no matter how small) and enable the biodiversity of our planet to thrive. The Year 5 students have become passionate advocates for nature as a result of our inquiry so we look forward to hearing more about the positive action being taken to make our world more sustainable.

To all the parents, we thank you for coming to share the experience and hope you had many ‘take-aways’ from the event. We are especially grateful to all those who worked with us to make the ‘Celebration of Learning’ so successful.