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HK Wetlands Field Trip

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On Thursday 15th November the Year 5 students, teachers and some parent volunteers headed out to Wetlands Park in Tin Shui Wai. The Wetlands Park is a conservation and education centre that demonstrates the diversity of the HK wetland ecosystem and highlights the need to conserve them.

Throughout the day we were able to observe, record and question the impact of human interaction, both positive and negative, highlighting our responsibility to the biodiversity of the planet.


Our scientific journals will show evidence of stream, river, mangrove, plant and mudflat ecosystems. We observed, sketched and identified birds, fish, butterflies, waterlilies and lots of insects throughout the day.

We would like to share the day with you through these photos so please ask us about them.


Year 5 Assemblies

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We have been fortunate to have taken part in two Year 5 assemblies from 5LFR & 5AWD already this term. Assemblies are a fun way to gain insight into what happens in our classrooms so we can find out more about what our friends are learning and witness their talents firsthand. Both classes demonstrated this in so many ways, using their presentation and speaking skills to perform in front of buddy classes and parents who were also part of the audience.

Both assembly were written, produced and performed entirely by the students. They chose how to share their learning through various disciplines and identified which character strengths were needed to help them work to the best of their ability. We were very proud of the way in which the students carried out and reflected on their performance throughout this process, especially the way that they worked together to produce very informative and fun skits.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

5LFR Assembly


5AWD Assembly

Sharing the Planet – Biodiversity unit of inquiry

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The Year 5 students have recently spent time observing, recording and analysing parts of our ecosystem in connection with the current unit of inquiry, ‘Sharing the planet’. For our immersion activity, students spent time making observations at the mangroves, looking through quadrants in Siena Park and used microscopes along with magnifying glasses to investigate water, plants and insects. By identifying details including similarities and differences, students considered how they might connect with each other. It was a great way to begin thinking like a scientist for our biodiversity inquiry.



To begin the unit, students have been busy making scientific observations and recording these in their science journal. Over the coming weeks, we will investigate how scientists record their findings as we study biodiversity around us and continue to record our thinking in our journals.

We are very much looking forward to our field trip to the HK Wetlands on Thursday 15th November. It will be the perfect opportunity to continue to use our journals as we consider the biodiversity of the plants and animals we encounter there.


Transdisciplinary theme Sharing the Planet

An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things.


Central idea:

Sustainability of ecosystems relies on maintaining the interdependent balance of organisms.


An inquiry into:

  •       connections between organisms and their environment
  •       human impact on the balance of ecosystems
  •       human responsibility for the biodiversity of the planet


Teacher questions:

What are the connections between organisms and their environment?  

How have human interactions with the environment affected the balance of ecosystems?

What action can be taken to improve biodiversity?


Key concepts:





Learner profile:

Caring, Principled


Transdisciplinary Links:

Maths – data collection

Language – non-fiction texts, scientific journals, writing trait – organisation & convention

Year 5 Camp

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On Wednesday 24 October the Year 5 students, teachers and some parent volunteers left Discovery College for three days of camp in Cheung Chau. When we left there were mixed feelings of excitement, some anxiety, a bit of nervousness but everyone had great anticipation. The return trip on Friday saw very satisfying feelings of happiness, pride, exhaustion and achievement!


Our students spent their days busy walking, biking, hiking, swimming, shopping, studying temples and learning about the island of Cheung Chau. They were respectful of the environment and the people who lived or were holidaying there.


The teachers were very proud of students throughout the days at camp as everyone grew in independence, responsibility and commitment. Whether making sure their rooms were tidy by keeping control of their own belongings, getting ready for the day’s activities, even helping with setting or clearing up for meals, everyone participated with a friendly smile. It was very encouraging to see students work collaboratively and cooperatively by helping each other. Everyone made new friends in the day adventure groups and their night-time dorms.


We’re sure your child has already shared their camping experience with you and trust that you will continue to build on their newfound independence and responsibility at home. It will be important to be prepared, as there are many more camping experiences to look forward to in the coming years.


A huge thank you to the DC staff who attended, the educational assistants who helped prepare for the camp and the wonderful parent volunteers who gave up their time to make sure that this year’s Cheung Chau camp experience was so positive and rewarding. You can see what happened first-hand or relive some of our adventures by viewing our photo collection here.