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Building a new civilisation in Siena Park

Posted by year5

This week Galaxy 5 started a new unit of inquiry, – Where we are in place and time- The central idea : Connections between past civilisations and present day societies influence the future

To stimulate student thinking and to get an idea of prior knowledge, the teaching team organised the following provocation for-  What is a civilisation?

Together we read the first part of the book Weslandia, up until Wesley decides he will make a civilisation of his own.

After recess this notice was up in the rooms-

 This just in!

All of the Galaxy 5 Planets have become so popular that our planets do not have room for us anymore.

We need to create a new civilisation on another planet. Please proceed to Siena Park immediately.

We need YOU to build our new civilisation.

Please hold your questions for now.

We need to get to work!


Out in Siena park we had an assortment of equipment- boxes, cones, fake food, mats, paper, pens, ropes, buckets.

No questions were answered and no other directions were given.

As the students built their civilisation,teachers observed and noted the understanding and prior knowledge of students on the addition of elements included and on how they worked individually or together to add to their own civilisation.

Back in class, students added to a Solo taxonomy map, all the ideas they had for requirements of a civilisation. Our next step is to get together in small mixed groups to share and add new ideas to our map.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile activity to provoke thinking and to gain prior knowledge as the students developed collaborative skills such as resolving conflict, sharing, respecting others, equipment and our environment.

After more investigating into ancient civilisations, students will choose and inquire into one civilisation to identify which elements were present and what legacy they have left for us to enjoy.


                                                                   What does this mean for our future??